Sunday, January 31, 2010

SHAC down - never mind

Eagle eyed shacwatchers will notice some of the pictures on this site are not loading - that is because they are linked to the pictures on but.... is down!

Don't panic SHAC - we are still up and will bring you all the essential news you need.

The really good news is that SHACWATCH will remove all the spin and hype for you - you won't need to add nought to the number of protesters that didn't turn up etc.

Well done SHAC - you really do know how to fail on a global scale!


Medawar said...

Never mind, Bite Back is still up and thus we know that Swedish SHAC sprayed "meat is murder" near a butcher's shop.

Of course, given their record, it may actually turn out to have been a dentist's surgery and not a butcher's shop after all.

Anonymous said...

what down and out! as predicted this year will see the demise of shac to make way for a new group .

Medawar said...

Leaves them free to enjoy JLS concerts and other East Anglian attractions.

Apparently, the last remains of SHAC are massing to attack Medawar in his home. Should be interesting.

Lynn Sawyer bottle of wisky said...

dont stop them posting rubbish on indylies b and 20 of them shac say great success
they also say that the horsham protests at novartis when theres 3 old people demonstrating is a successful
shac are getting better by the moment

Anonymous said...

Well based on their location finding skills displayed in Birmigham and Sweden recently I think that Medawar is safe enough !

Medawar said...

Yes, but sadly, SHAC have completely destroyed his hopes of ever getting a date with Delia Smith.