Saturday, September 26, 2009

Further Failure in Linconshire!

Even SHAC said only 150 - the true numbers more like 90! The SHAC NATIONAL a total failure and a very public one.
As the picture shows they got nowhere near the farm and spent 5 hours shouting at a group of very bored coppers!

I bet Lewis Dean and Luke are really glad they sacrificed their liberty for SHAC's stupid plans - solidarity HA!

ALF return to Highgate Farm

Lewis Pogson, 22, pleaded not guilty to blackmail, burglary and criminal damage at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by-Spital, 12 miles north of Lincoln, in January last year.

Pogson also denied a further charge of interfering with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research establishment, and four conspiracy charges.

A total of 129 rabbits were stolen and £70,000 worth of damage was caused during a raid at Highgate Farm.

The damage included vehicles being smashed up and Animal Liberation Front graffiti being daubed on walls.
Click here!Highgate Farm has been targeted by animal rights groups because it supplies rabbits used in testing by Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Pogson, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Tonbridge, was granted bail on a number of conditions, including the lodging of a £50,000 security, a night-time curfew and residence at his mother's address in West Dulwich, London.

Just in case there is any confusion -this was an ALF crime claimed on the SHAC website - strange that - goodbye Lewis,

Until ALL are caged

Just a reminder SHAC - you have already failed before you begin!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

SHAC fly more false flags

Embarrassed by their own, discredited name, SHAC have been using a number of others recently.
Militant forces against HLS - Animal Rights Militia etc.

Why bother SHAC? - it didn't work at your trial where it was accepted that you are the ALF - it won't make any difference now.

You will be caught, tried and sent to jail - just like all the others - do we really have to list them?

Greg,Heather,Natasha,Dan W,Dan A, Gerah, Gavin, Sarah, Mel etc

Not to forget Alfie, Tom, Nikki and the rest of the B team.

In the words of John Wayne - SHAC really has to know it's limitations!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SHAC B team face the deadline

The rest of SHAC - those not already in jail - were given until Friday the 18th of September to admit their guilt.
If they fail this simple task they will get no discount when they are found guilty - just like Heather was.
Now are they feeling lucky? After all their co-conspirators were found guilty on the same evidence they face (those that hadn't already pleaded guilty, like Greg).
Or are they unable to face the consequences of their actions?

Here is a clue for them - you did it - you are guilty.
Admit it and go to jail - or don't and go to jail for longer - it's not that hard to work out.
The one choice you no longer have is NOT to got to jail - but nobody forced you to join SHAC.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ciba Vision

A Shacwatcher speaks:-

SHAC manage six people at a demo - is this the biggest turnout in years ?

Over on the SHAC website they are wetting themselves with excitement because a recent demo at Ciba Vision managed six people however things are not quite as they seem from the SHAC report.

Firstly it wasn't six it was five, the sixth person was a Ciba Vision employee standing with them (you mean you didn't know that SHAC ? How very worrying for you.)

Secondly because they were ignored by both Ciba security and the staff the SHAC losers got all frustrated and decided to protest...........

wait for it ........

A local burger van !

Five sad losers from SHAC shouting at twenty grinning laughing people eating cheesburgers and hot dogs. Must be why there are no photos of this demo. LOL !

For those who don't know by the way Ciba Vision is a manufacturer of contact lenses, their work allows people to see again !

Indeed they are well liked in the local area with a community investment program that supports initiatives that promote eye health and work to prevent blindness with particular emphasis on programmes serving at-risk populations including children, the elderly and the underprivileged.

Bit of a difference to SHAC !

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dean Cain - liar caught out again

UPDATE - apparently Dean has been imprisoned again for breeching his licence - what a total failure this boy is! Ideal SHAC supporter

Remember this pathetic post?

"....Dean is unique he doesnt spend his spare time or money drinking alcohol, smoking or taking drugs instead he lives his life dedicating his time and money to worthy causes i dont no much about shac or their actions i just know that deans is a decent human being with decent principles not all of them in line with todays regular twenty something males."

At the time we asked if you believed Dean would go straight - guess what? It was all lies!

Dean has just been charged with shoplifting and assault - tiresome maggot.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

UK gathering a waste of time

SHACWATCH has received reports from the 'gathering' in Northants - aside for the lowest numbers ever this year there is little to report.
Apparently the bankrupt drunk MAX was back – he must need the money badly!

Anyway - is't it about time for some more guilty pleas?