Thursday, January 7, 2010

SeaShepherd suffers the Curse of SHAC

Regular Shacwatchers will remember that the Sea Shepherd crew attended the failed summer SHAC gathering after it was agreed that they did not have to eat vegan 'food'.

Well they have learnt the hard lesson that involvement with SHAC inevitably leads to spectacular failure.

This hilarious video shows the donated boat being ruined as it's crew try and block a steel whaling ship with their carbon fibre hull - SHAC like stupidity!


Steve Irwin said...

Paul (I've been shot) Watson who runs the Sea Shepard operation has a rare record of not only having been thrown out of Greenpeace by a unanimous vote but is also refered to by them as,

" a violent extremist "

This is the latest in his weezes to try and stop whale hunting which have included throwing acid at Japanese sailors and endagering other ships on the sea.

With a track record like that he's a natural for SHAC membership !

Anonymous said...

Links between SHAC and Sea Shepherd.

Though self-named a “Conservation Society,” Sea Shepherd is a violent organization. Its purpose is to ram and sink ships. Earth Warrior author David Morris details one such voyage in search of driftnetters. Even in this gushing account, Morris notes, “The gunfire that accompanied our attack on the Japanese ships was not defensive.” So it’s no surprise that Sea Shepherd’s expeditions have served as a fitting training ground for other animal-rights militants.
Rodney Coronado has long been involved with criminal groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which the FBI has identified as the country’s most dangerous domestic terrorist threat, and the special-interest ALF subset known as SHAC. He was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for the 1992 arson of a Michigan State University research laboratory. He admitted to at least six other arsons in a November 30, 2002 speech. In January 2003, he demonstrated to a group gathered at American University the “correct” way to build a firebomb out of household materials. And Paul Watson gave him his start.

Anonymous said...

Talking of more failure...

Bradford SHAC which goes by many names to try and pretend there is a growing movement in the city and at the university (there isn't) has decided that rather than admitting its sad little demo at Bradford University was going to be a failure through lack of support have 'postponed' the event because of bad weather !

This same 'bad weather' which has seen no cancellation of classes at the uni or any major problems for staff arriving.

Bradford SHAC fails - what a bunch of vegans !

Medawar2 said...

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Anonymous said...

I have previously always supported SHACwatch but you are goign against the wrong people now. Sea Shepherd is not SHAC. You should stick to what this blog is meant to be about. Supporting illegal poachers is not what this should be about. this should be about being against criminal SHAC.

Shiver Me Timbers said...

Interesting analysis of this accident by an experienced sailor posted on Indymedia UK ( I expect it will be hidden soon as it fails to blame Jews)


Maybe it's these old eyes...but
08.01.2010 12:15

I watched that video several times and then i watched the others from diferent angles.

It clearly shows the Maru turn into a close course but the bow settles to clear the Adi by about 5 meters. It then shows the Adi under acceleration when the Maru was about 10 meters away. The collision is therefor the Adi's fault, sorry but look for yourself. the Maru is a heavy vessel and required much more time to turn than was allowed by the skipper of the Adi.

In a vid from the Maru it shows a following "station keeping" wake from the Adi, and shows the Marus course to be constant and steady after the turn. then you can clearly see the Adi go under power ( jet wash from stern) and move into the path of the Maru.

The Adi's skipper f##ked up and instead of going to astern he accelerated and placed his crew and vessel in harm.

deal with the facts of the case, the Maru was in the wrong for not stearing a maintained course when smaller vessels were in the area but the Adi was very wrong in breaking maritime law by 1:being too close to a larger vessel 2:moving into the path of said vessel and putting the crew at risk.



Medawar said...

The trouble is, how is anyone to go against SHAC and not "Sea Shepherd", when the latter is a recruiting ground for ALF terrorists, such as Rodney Coronado, and is run by a man, Paul Watson, who wants an even larger percentage of the world's human population to be culled than even the Georgia Guidestoners?

People don't get drummed out of Greenpeace for being too green, they get drummed out of Greenpeace for not actually believing in peace, green or otherwise.