Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hitler a Vegie?

There is a load of old veggie crap on indylies again regarding HITLER!

For the record - SHACWATCH don't care - Hitler wasn't a member of SHAC thus we have no interest in his diet.

SHAC have enough of their own monsters without importing others!

SHAC - failed and dead - just like adolph.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SHAC try and mask their shame!

Over on Indylies SHAC are getting really excited about a move to ban masks on an demo they are planning next week.

Funny thing is SHAC are such a failure that they didn't even want to have the demo under their own name - they made up Sussex Animal Action instead! Liars - stupid too as their spokes 'person' is stil Debz.

The other mystery is why SHAC want to demo in masks. Are they so ashamed of their actions? Are they scared that people will laugh at them?

SHAC - still stupid after all these convictions!

More to be caged soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andrea Waddell

A number of SHACWATCHERS have emailed about this:-

Andrea Waddell was a Brighton prostitute born Alexander John. Andrea was also a vegan and a member of SHAC.

She was recently murdered

Members of SHAC are confused and misguided individuals but they do not deserve to be murdered.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shac gets it wrong, again, then lies about it!

From a Shacwatcher...

SHAC gets it wrong again.

Last week two SHAC losers turned up for a demo at Industrial Cooling Systems in Birmingham for one of their demos as ICS are a supplier to HLS, so far so normal you might say.

One problem - the ICS they mounted the demo outside is not the ICS that supplies HLS, once again these fools manage to demo the wrong organisation. The MD of the company found the whole think very funny in an interview to the local paper,

"We had no idea who these people where until one of my engineers went and spoke to them, that's when we realised they had mistaken us for another Industrial Cooling Systems, we pointed out their mistake but it seems they didn't want to listen so they carried on for about half an hour and then sort of drifted off. It's all a bit bemusing but the blokes from the other factories nearby thought it was funny so no harm done. We've all been young once"

Vegans !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More fun and Games at IndyLies

First of all came the Indymedia post:-

Shut down HLS ! | 06.10.2009 07:51 | Animal Liberation

News has reached campaigners opposed to the death factory that is Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) of an new expansion of their current facility.

We will never allow it to open.

Disheartened by the failure of the SHAC campaign a small group of activists devoted to animal welfare regardless of the costs to ourselves have investigated the HLS company, what we have discovered is both shocking and disgusting.

Despite the claims that HLS is failing or is in financial trouble the opposite is true. This year they have won twelve new animal testing contracts all of which have not been publicised to prevent actions by animal lovers and their revenue in 2010 is expected to grow to £340 million, up from about £145 million this year, profits are expected to reach nearly £104 million, profits gained on the deaths and suffering of other brothers and sisters. This money is earmarked to firstly pay of their current debts, they will be debt free by March 2010 and to build a new expanded testing facility at an undisclosed location. construction has already started so we urge anybody in the immediate area to look out for new large scale construction facilities, we will continue to try and get further information via our ongoing investigation.


Up until now HLS has got off lightly, the current SHAC campaign although good intentioned has failed, it's most committed members imprisoned and its effectiveness compromised by simply repeating what has failed in the past. We will not be organising A to B marches, we will not be running fluffy stalls on the high street .

We do not want your money, we seek no donations, we do not have a facebook page, we have no website, we have no bank account.

We want only your moral support and your love. Where SHAC has failed, we will succeed.

Communique ends

Shut down HLS !

Then our favorite Loon writes this:-
SHAC is not a failure
06.10.2009 08:22

Good luck with your campaign to close HLS but SHAC is not a failure. So what if HLS is expanding, SHAC already knew that by the way, the campaign continues.

For those wanting to be involved, contact SHAC here

Main e-mail:
Lynn Sawyer

Then an Indymedia moderator posts this:-

" SHUT DOWN HLS ! (439264)
by Shut down HLS ! " - disinfo

Apparently, a new AR group has emerged. It's called 'Shut down HLS !' -
but, you can't join it because:

"We do not want your money, we seek no donations, we do not have a
facebook page, we have no website, we have no bank account."

In fact the chances are that its not a real group at all, its a thinly
veiled attack on SHAC, and despite it being hidden almost immediately, it
seems that SHAC members have nothing to do but scour the hiddens on the

Thus we have three comments, and not everyone knows how to post a comment
to a hidden thread.

within 40 minutes of the original post, 'Lynn Sawyer' apparently responded:
SHUT DOWN HLS ! (439264) (Hidden) [ edit | All comments for this article ]
SHAC is not a failure (234087) by: Lynn Sawyer

3 hours later 'Mark' responded:
Lynn Sawyer (234096) by: Mark, once of SHAC in Manchester

and 3 minutes thereafter, SHAC declared themselves "the nationally
recognised campaign to close HLS" urging people not to work with a
non-existant campaign that they can't join anyway - because it only wants
your lurve.....

Not authorised (234097) by: SHAC



Note the *sigh* indymedia are as sick of SHAC as SHACWATCH is!

BTW there is also a 'SHACWATCH' post - this time by one of our independent SHACWATCHERS - keep up the good work ALL!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

SHAC goose chase continues...

Some months ago HLS announced it needed £30million quid so it could buy itself and remove it's listing on the stock exchange - this would remove a major SHAC protest venue.

Naturally SHAC announced it would target anyone who lent the cash.

So, unwilling to just hand SHAC another place to stage their pathetic demos the bankers created a number of false companies and through this chain HLS received it's £30.
SHAC are now claiming major victories every time they get another link in the chain of front companies!

SHAC - grow up those firms have served their purpose - they 'capitulate' quickly as there is no point not doing so! The £30m is already in place.

You have failed - again.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How quickly SHAC drop you..

Try - yes it's a sex site!

SHAC don't care anymore.