Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lost - Two Fools (no reward offered)

SHACWATCH has lost it's favourite fools - Gallon Fool was last heard of mounting a coup in a vegan cafe - since then not a sawdust sausage!

Steel fool made an idiot of himself outside Winchester Crown court when his last remaining friends got sent down - since then his mess has been obvious in all the failed campaigns that he has sponsored but he himself - missing.

Anybody seen our fools? Have they, at long last, grown up?

We doubt it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gerrah is out!

"You won't be laughing when your children are crying in the night!"

We wonder if Gerrah is still laughing - will she behave like a normal person now? Does she even know how?

Time will tell - Gerrah has a 5 year ASBO to ensure she behaves!

If you see her slipping back to her old ways - you know who to tell!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


From A Shacwatcher:-

I see that Indylies (IP Logging while you wait) is also being used by the SHAC like and 'who knew it still existed' SPEAK campaign. Now little more than a website and a regular email asking for money SPEAK has a history of failure that SHAC is close to emulating.

In fact SPEAK these days is mostly centred around a couple of Bristol based vegans who spend their time hanging around local childrens petting zoos and aquariums irritating people and in the long standing tradition of AR in the UK - achieving nothing. If anybody wants to see the effect that a vegan diet has on the body go to Kebele Community Cooperative on a saturday morning where they serve a 'vegan breakfast'. The pale, undernourished, sweaty horrors who walk out of there will be enough to push anybody toward a nice bacon sandwich !

SHACWATCH agrees - we find it amusing that SPEAK are offering their experience to others - this experience is that their target lab was built on time and has been running for 2 years, their leader has been imprisoned for a stupid act that allowed Oxford to win the boat race for 3 years in succession and since then another lab has been built !
A classic AR campaign - an utter failure - these fools make SHAC look professional.