Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Mail joins SHACWATCH

In an excellent article published today, the Daily Mail exposes the SHAC abuse of the prisions system - a system to allow the resonable needs of those who, for religious reasons have differing needs is being abused by the perversions of SHAC brand veganism.

Well done the Mail - keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

Most AR type people including SHAC are strongly disliked in prison because of their Holier Than Thou attitude. The additional work they require from the Prison Officers and extra funds that are diverted to them are of course at the expense of the other cons.

I don't see why they should have vegan boots or toiletries unless it is for health reasons or religious beliefs. SHAc and their ilk are once more a burden on society and contribute nothing to it.

Medawar said...

Not sure how much of this is actually from the taxpayer and how much from the Vegan Prisoner Support Group.
However, since the latter was being used to communicate with, and control, convicted SHAC people in jail, there may actually be a benefit in providing their basic needs officially, thus removing the excuse for the VPSG to have regular contact.

Some prisoner who might want to quit the ALF, were effectively being kept onside by VPSG ministering to their every need...