Sunday, January 31, 2010

SHAC down - never mind

Eagle eyed shacwatchers will notice some of the pictures on this site are not loading - that is because they are linked to the pictures on but.... is down!

Don't panic SHAC - we are still up and will bring you all the essential news you need.

The really good news is that SHACWATCH will remove all the spin and hype for you - you won't need to add nought to the number of protesters that didn't turn up etc.

Well done SHAC - you really do know how to fail on a global scale!

Friday, January 29, 2010


It seems that SHAC Sweden has the same level of intellegence as their partners in crime in the UK. The SHAC website records a vist to the home of a company director that SHAC Sweden had decided to target, the demo report however fails to record the fact that SHAC Sweden went to the wrong house ! ROFL !

This report from the Swedish newspaper - Folkbladet details an interview with the local police chief, translated it reads,

"It seems this group were trying to find the home of a medical company executive but came to the house of a dentist who had the same family name and is listed in medical directory. He tried to explain to them the mistake they had made "

Thanks for the update SHACWATCHER!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SHAC demo hits new low

This was the scene at Novartis in Horsham - two 'ladies' of a certain age shouting at 10foot fences covered in black netting - nobody inside could hear - nobody cared.

One lone security bloke came out as SHAC had said they were coming (under their pathetic cover name - hint don't use SHAC posters if you are supposed to be sombody else!)

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic - well done SHAC your prisoners can be proud.

SHAC - the definition of failure.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick Wolverhampton grave robber launches music career from prison cell

Not SHAC but they claim Newchurch loads so..........

AN ANIMAL rights nut who stole the body of a Midland grandmother from her grave is trying to become a popstar from his jail cell.

Jon Ablewhite, 39 and from Wolverhampton, was caged for 12 years in 2006 for a sickening six year hate campaign against a family and their guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire.

The bald-headed vicar’s son admitted trying to blackmail farmer David Hall in a sustained attack that eventually led to his gang of fanatics digging up the body of Gladys Hammond, whose son-in-law co-owned the farm.

Currently being held at HMP Ranby in Nottinghamshire, the grave robber has now set up an online profile for his one man band, and has even posted pictures of himself posing with young women on prison visits.

The fanatic has also dismissed his incarceration in prison as like being “in my beautiful home from home”.

On his Myspace social networking webpage – which Ablewhite says is updated by his “wonderful friends” – he goes by his stage name of Vegandia, and encourages other animal rights supporters to get in touch.

“I’m currently serving a 12 year prison sentence for animal rights activism,” he tells his online pals.

“The reason for this Myspace page is to create a place where I can connect with other like-minded people.

“I would love to hear your thoughts on my music – in fact, I’d just love to hear from you.

“I am always into meeting new people so if anyone wants to come and visit me in my beautiful home from home, just drop me a line at the prison and get your ass down here.”

The crook has posted two tuneless tracks on the site entitled Angelface: How could you? and Political Animals.

Cunning Ablewhite is even looking to make a profit out of his musical offerings, urging friends on his Myspace page to “donate” money in exchange for copies of his CD.

Along with his songs, the thug has included some of his prison poetry, and a blog about life behind bars for his 147 online supporters to read.

Posting a comment on the site one user calling themselves VegFreak writes: “From me and everyone else, thanks for all the work you did. You are one of the innocent people in jail and hope you get out soon. xxxx”

Another friend said: “You are a wonderful person and, though locked away, there’s people out there who do think of you and all the other wonderful brave people who risk life and limb for others and defenseless animals.”

The body of 82 year-old Mrs Hammond was snatched from her burial plot at St Peter’s churchyard in Yoxall, Staffs, by Ablewhite and his cronies in October 2004.

The former teacher turned blackmailer was caught when police examined an e-mail account Ablewhite had set up using a computer at Wolverhampton City Library in May 2005.

Liaising with the FBI, detectives used counter-terrorism powers to explore the account, where they found he had provided a list of tips for other activists encouraging them to take part in an “ongoing Holocaust” against the Hall family and their farm.

Three other members of Ablewhite’s Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs (SNGP) group – convicted thugs John Smith, 43, from Leicester, Kerry Whitburn, 39, from Birmingham and 40-year-old Josephine Mayo – were also jailed in 2006 for violence, threats and conspiracy to blackmail the Hall family.

Mrs Hammond’s body was found on Cannock Chase shortly after the trial, and has been reinterred in Yoxall churchyard.

Jan 24 2010 by Ben Goldby, Sunday Mercury

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lewis got 3 years

As predicted Lewis will now do some serious time!

He is caged and will do about 2 years then get out on a licence!

Sad really - what has he achived except ruin his own life?

The farm is still open - the tiny protests that happen can't even be seen !

What a waste! SHACWATCH blames those who don't do but encorage other, younger activists to try, and fail - you know who we mean Lyn.

More to be caged soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

NEW Shac demo failure! (not really news -is it)

The SHAC protests against AstraZeneca continue to fail and embarrass activists throughout the AR scene. The latest was at Charnwood in Loughborough England where four rather undernourished vegans decided to follow the standard demo procedure of :

Turn up - be ignored
Wave banners - be ignored
Shout slogans - be ignored
Scream at workers - be ignored
Tell other companies why they are there - get laughed at.

While the SHAC losers were outside making fools of themselves as usual the scientists inside were making a real contribution to society as the research work at the Charnwood site is focused on finding new medicines for respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema as well as inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

I assume that SHAC memebrs are happy to confirm they will never want to be treated with any of the life saving medicine developed there ?

Thanks SHACWATCHER - we note this sad bunch of inadquates are too ashamed to show their faces

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Mail joins SHACWATCH

In an excellent article published today, the Daily Mail exposes the SHAC abuse of the prisions system - a system to allow the resonable needs of those who, for religious reasons have differing needs is being abused by the perversions of SHAC brand veganism.

Well done the Mail - keep up the good work.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luke still struggles with reality since his release

Shacwatch is sorry to report the relapse of Luke Steel - this was sent to us yesterday,

hahahahaha this the best u fucking nutters have slagging us of real mature
u are sick stupid pricks

as can be seen Luke hasn't learnt anything fr0m his recent prison term - he hasn't even mastered writing yet, which, at his age is shameful!

Shacwatch urges Luke to make better use of the prison education system on his next term and to spend less time with the psychophysically disturbed.

Until ALL are caged.

Friday, January 8, 2010

An Email from a Portuguese loon!

Rita Silva said...

I am not anonymous, as I'm not Coward like you guys that are talking about other people's personnal lives, saying nothing but cruel lies and trying, yes, trying because you can't, to put someone down .

I am a shame to my species. I attach all my contact details please send me your views...

Rita Silva
(00 351) 96 132 08 18
Apartado 2028
8501-902 Portimão

Well - you heard her!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SeaShepherd suffers the Curse of SHAC

Regular Shacwatchers will remember that the Sea Shepherd crew attended the failed summer SHAC gathering after it was agreed that they did not have to eat vegan 'food'.

Well they have learnt the hard lesson that involvement with SHAC inevitably leads to spectacular failure.

This hilarious video shows the donated boat being ruined as it's crew try and block a steel whaling ship with their carbon fibre hull - SHAC like stupidity!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year - same Crap

SHAC have called for 'one more push' against HLS - AGAIN!!!!

This is the same message as in 2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009 - each year a bigger failure than the last!

Will you wake up and smell the non vegan coffee - you have failed - you are failures and those of you NOT already in jail will be soon.

Those not on criminal charges in 2010 really havn't tried hard enough - yes we mean you Lyn - as anybody that has stepped over the line inthe last 3 years has been caught and charged.

Ask Lewis Pogson - Ask Harris and Tapping - Ask Organ - you can evan ask the fool!

Happy new Imprisonment SHAC - try and grow up this year!