Friday, January 8, 2010

An Email from a Portuguese loon!

Rita Silva said...

I am not anonymous, as I'm not Coward like you guys that are talking about other people's personnal lives, saying nothing but cruel lies and trying, yes, trying because you can't, to put someone down .

I am a shame to my species. I attach all my contact details please send me your views...

Rita Silva
(00 351) 96 132 08 18
Apartado 2028
8501-902 Portimão

Well - you heard her!


Medawar said...

The ALF uses violence so that Rita Silva and her ilk can capture the "moral high ground" unopposed.

As if Ghandi had walked down the road in his loincloth, staff in hand, preceded by a creeping barrage from a battery of twenty-five pounders.

She should remember that the last time Keith Mann was jailed, it was for threatening someone with violence in the well of a court of law.

Anonymous said...

what lies? shes probally another one of those vegans ! at least most of the ring leaders are behind bars .