Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well Done!

SHACWATCH salutes NETCU - they have completed their mission and crushed SHAC -

Well done NETCU - a job well done.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lyn Fails - again

Pointless harpie Lyn Sawyer has posted a badly written and self serving rant about her continuing failure in court - SHACWATCH thinks the 'lady' does protest too much - and so the Police and the Courts and everybody else who can read!

Grow up Lyn - you cut a pathetic figure there on the edge of the AR movement encouraging the gullible to do things you are too scared to do yourself.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SHAC - Hit Em Head On

You can find 'em in prison!

SHACWATCH - we never give in and we always win!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A promoted comment

The companies that SHAC decide are related to HLS are getting more and more obscure. Their latest 'good idea' (ahem!) is to attack Ocean Finance. The thinking is that because Ocean has been bought by by Fortress who lent HLS some money this makes them a fair target in SHAC world. I assume we can expect to see demos outside Ford Motor Company soon as HLS employees drive Mondeos or maybe an action against against a steel works in India because that's where the steel was made, that became the wire, that was made into the fence that surrounds HLS ?

In reality this is a sign of the ongoing failure of the SHAC campaign, the desperation of those running it and the serious lack of new ideas. SHAC is having to demo outside of these companies with no real link to HLS because all their old targets simply now ignore them and their demos achieve nothing.

The SHAC campaign has resulted in nothing, the leadership is in jail, the funding is at an all time low and support is close to zero among the wider activist community. Even among die hard AR people there is a recognition that the SHAC tactics have lost them support in the outside world, that AR looks irrelevant to most people's lives at that most view SHAC as nutters.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SHAC sick predation blocked

Other good news

Robert Griffiths who was released earlier this month will be getting the help he needs and several family members are working to keep him away from SHAC.

A spokesman for the family made a brief statement,

Robert has had a difficult time as his type of mental illness makes him very suseptible to suggestion. This illness was exploited by individuals in the animal liberation movement who used him to carry out actions they were too cowardly to do.

Thanks for the Update SHACWATCHER

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All plead Guilty - That explains it!

SHAC defeated the Crowns desire for a massive repressive show trial by all pleading guilty.

SHAC defeated the Crowns desire for a massive repressive show trial by all pleading guilty. This prevents the NETCU ‘urban terrorist’ lies being re-issued endlessly. SHAC, an international campaign group calling for the closure of HLS, has been painted by the police and the press as a 'criminal organisation' duping members of the public concerned with animal abuse into donating their money to further 'a campaign of blackmail'. SHAC's activities, however, have been overwhelmingly lawful: the campaign publishes information about animal abuse inside HLS labs, reports campaigning activities and issues action alerts calling on supporters to write polite letters to companies working with HLS and ask them to desist. If those companies continue to do business with HLS, protests would usually follow. . Despite this all defendants tactically pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in October.

Well done all six defendants – you are hero’s
SHAC Winchester

Yes - Hero's in cages

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all very quiet in Winchester

What's happening down there?

Censored comments on Indylies suggest that the defendants want a press blackout!


Is it just shame or is there more? Normally SHAC want to grandstand to try and get their tired, psychotic message across - not this time!

When we know you will too.