Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas SHAC

It's at this time of year that our thoughts turn to SHAC and the vast majority of them currently imprisioned. We hope they enjoy their mock turkey vegan cardboard burgers and that they remember - you still have another 3 or 4 of these to go.

SHAC - deal with them, spend Xmas inside!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Why did Debz get nicked?

Why was poor innocent Debz nicked? What for?

Anybody know coz we don't?

Friday, December 17, 2010

World SHAC Roundup from a SHACWATCHER

SHAC Germany joins SHAC Canada in the cock up parade.

in the night of 9 december 2010 an attempted arson attack took place on a building of Astra Zeneca(AZ) in Wedel, Germany. After cutting through the fence, four petrol bombs were placed around the building. Two never went off, a third burnt for a few minutes and then went out, the fourth burned for about ten minutes until the fire brigade arrived and out it put with a quick squirt of a hose.

The good news is that German police were able to collect excellent forensic evidence including DNA from one of the bombs that didn't go off.

SHAC Canada - demos at wrong sites
SHAC Sweden - demos at wrong site
SHAC Germany - Attack fails
SHAC UK - everyone who matters in prison
SHAC France - two demos then gave up
SHAC Holland - leaders all arrested
SHAC Belgium - Leaders all in prison
SHAC Italy - one demo, gave up
SHAC USA - everyone in prison
SHAC Ireland - demos down to two people

Huntingdon Life Sciences - Expanding operations, profits up, new site up and running with SHAC having no idea of where it is, important drug testing continuing, lives being saved.



Further to the round up there is one country's failure that so deserves a mention

SHAC Poland, three pimply students in need of a good wash and a square meal had a demo outside the office of Astra Zeneca in Katowice. The Poles have a more robust approach to site security and one of the guards came out and shouted at them which caused the only man there to burst into tears. The girls comforted him and they went home to lick their wounds.

Funny I agree but the best is yet to come, one of the guards recognised one of the girls and he went to see her priest, all stopped demos when the priest told their mothers what they were doing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Perspective from a real AR supporter

"Greater London Action for Animals" was sussed pretty quickly as a money making front by those of us active in London and yes you are right about the penguins, the Born Free Foundation did all that and then Steele tried to grab the glory at the end. He was told where to get off.

The AR movement and Veganism are growing in Britain, slowly it's true but growing all the same and organisations such as SHAC and individuals such as Steele are not a part of either. We don't need them and we don't want them.

The damage done by SHAC to the bigger cause of closing HLS is probably incalcuable. I don't know if that was deliberate, I hope not, I prefer to think it was just enthusiasm that become incompetence. After 15 years in the movement I am convinced that direct action does not work is counter productive and certainly alienates the public whose support we need. Without the SHAC campaign I fully believe HLS would have closed by now, before SHAC started HLS was in a terrible financial state but the attacks on it have allowed it to get preferential funding, government support and to play the victim. A terrible result of 10 years work. The last set of financial information showed that HLS is growing !

History shows that all changes to unjust laws have come about through popular support driving legislation, the direct action element in fact slows the changes that are needed. Votes for woman is an obvious example, the laws abolishing slavery another. These campaigns were won by changing public opinion not by direct action and most of all not by drunken louts with an eye on a money making opportunity.

Best wishes on SHACWATCH

For the animals

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lukes Failures so far...

Now little Lukey isn't very old but he has packed in a great deal of non achievement into his limited life.
So Just for fun lets list Lukes failures so far! SHACWATCH will get the ball rolling:-

Stop Leicester Labs

What can you remember?


Luke banned from Sumac centre

On Friday 10th December, the vegan catering group Veggies are having one of their food give away events at Sumac Center in Nottingham. Because of his appaling behaviour at both Sumac and at previous events he has been asked to stay away. Veggies see themselves as the acceptable face of veganism and do not want to be assocaited with the extremist fringe plus he's been a twat so many times at Sumac he's pissed off a lot of people.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stupid Cow

There is no other way to describe this - the pointless waste of oxygen above is Janet Tomlinson - she was actively involved in the disgusting and morally bankrupt campaign that ended up digging up the bones of a grandmother . Janet can't handle the shame of that fact and refuses to accept her guilt.

She is now refusing to pay her TV licence because the BBC broadcast the truth - they have even wasted their time and money dealing with a complaint from Janet that naturally found her to be wrong - again!

The BBC pointed out that the caged defendants knew where the body was buried - literally!

Shacwatch suggest she be locked up for her current crime - nothing else will get through.

As we have said before - you did do that - you are that sick - own your guilt and grow up.



Perhaps Janet can give us all a statement now on why having told others that using medication that had been developed using animals was "disgusting" and "morally repugnant" she felt it was ok for her when she had breast cancer back in 2004 ? Janet was apparently more than willing to momentarily put aside her lofty principles and accept for herself what she is committed to denying others: access to the full armamentarium of diagnostic tools and treatments necessary to deal with potentially devastating health problems.

Perhaps she could pass on a word of thanks to those doctors who using animals as part of their research produced the drugs that saved her life ?