Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SHAC demo hits new low

This was the scene at Novartis in Horsham - two 'ladies' of a certain age shouting at 10foot fences covered in black netting - nobody inside could hear - nobody cared.

One lone security bloke came out as SHAC had said they were coming (under their pathetic cover name - hint don't use SHAC posters if you are supposed to be sombody else!)

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic - well done SHAC your prisoners can be proud.

SHAC - the definition of failure.


Anonymous said...

A new low for SHAC, when most of the people in the UK were focused on Haiti and doing what they could to help SHAC chose to spend their time on a pathetic worthless demo.

Anonymous said...

O be fair there SHACWATCH at least this bunch of vegans managed two, the sad little SHAC Birmingham is now down to just person for their demo outside Industrial Cooling Systems !

Bradford Student said...

SHAC in the Yorkshire area of England has adopted a policy of pretending to be lots of different groups in an attempt to pretend there is more of them has a long running campaign against Bradford University. The Deputy Vice Chancellor Jeff Lucas at the Uni has been the recipient of numerous emails, letters and demands for meetings, "consultation" and the rest. Lucas of course having better things to do ignores the SHAC loonies and gets on with running a quality university and research centre. SHAC unable to come to terms with being ignored has thrown its toys out of the pram on a few occasions and now has called for a demo, cancelled it, called for another one, cancelled it and finaly now called for a third one.

The students in Bradford are of course giving SHAC the cold shoulder with one there refering to the organisation as,
"A bunch of nutters who turn up every so often with a megaphone, shout a lot and then piss off to the pub. Nobody listens to them"

Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

The backlash against SHAC and their ilk is growing. Even contributors to Indymedia are responding, when the tragic suicide of a mentally ill man in the US is 'claimed' by the AR movement as some sort of protest because he was standing near a fur shop when he set himself on fire.

Several Indy readers clearly sickened by the attempts of AR types to claim this individual as one of their own have told them in no uncertain terms where to get of.

SHAC not content with digging up dead bodies are now picking over the corpse of the recently dead to try and get publicity for their twisted ideas. Can they get any lower ?

Anonymous said...

O dear, O dear, O dear.

It seems that SHAC Sweden has the same level of intellegence as their partners in crime in the UK. The SHAC website records a vist to the home of a company director that SHAC Sweden had decided to target, the demo report however fails to record the fact that SHAC Sweden went to the wrong house ! ROFL !

This report from the Swedish newspaper - Folkbladet details an interview with the local police chief, translated it reads,

"It seems this group were trying to find the home of a medical company executive but came to the house of a dentist who had the same family name and is listed in medical directory. He tried to explain to them the mistake they had made "

veggies person said...

Just to let you shacwatch people know we are not fooled quite so easily as you like to pretend.

The undercover NECTU police officer who was helping with the National Animal Rights Spring Gathering has been identified so bad luck there

Medawar2 said...

Ah, yes, but don't you know that policemen always travel in pairs!