Friday, July 23, 2010

SHAC crawl out from under their rock!

Just in time to negatively impact on the sentences of their 'comrades' due to be found guilty in September, SHAC have returned to committing crime!

Ever tactically and strategically inept they returned to the site of 3 previous failures, hoping , SHACWATCH can only assume, to boost the number of people imprisoned for attacking the same place.

Let's take this slowly for their benefit - everybody you have sent into Lincolnshire has been caught . Of the 5 prosecuted 4 were found guilty (3 PLEADED guilty!). All 4 guilty idiots did time for their crimes - one is still confined to his moms house.

Do you think this time you will get away with it? Better start packing your bags and contacting VPSG.

Until all are caged.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once ,Twice,Three times a loser....we don't love yooooou

Mel Fails for the third and final time and is slammed back in the pokey!

SHAC / SPEAK-C /MFAH / Lukes glee club - listen up!

This is how it ends - lawful protest - everybody ignores you, the projects get built and everybody is happy.

Unlawful criminal acts like what Mel done -you get caught and you go away for a long time.

Any questions?

Welcome back from Italy BTW - This sets the tone for your return very nicley!

Until all are caged.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

March Against the Murderers

O dear, o dear, o dear - how very embarrassing for them !

There were the usual claims for big numbers attending - 150 said one group, 250 said Steele in his original report before it was taken of his website. Some emails sent out this morning (asking of course for donations to SHAC related work) talk of 500 but as ever with SHAC events these are lies and for confirmation see the video, don't take my word for it, just watch the sad lonely, shuffle through town of the bunch of vegans that turned up. Most of us that saw them guess it was no more than about 30 or 40 (some drifted off halfway through) and what a pathetic sight they were. Ignored even by other animal rights people in the area who know full well this is no more than a Steele money making project the day was an utter failure.

funny how the words 'Steele', 'SHAC' and 'failure' seem to go together so well.