Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back Up - Let the ridicule continue

SHAC have managed to find a 50p down the back of the (non leather) sofa and have paid their web bills!

Well done SHAC - we were running out of things to say about you as your website is the only place anybody discusses you at all (apart from here)!

More caged soon - end of this month for the next court apperance.


Anonymous said...

In some ways the downfall of SHAC is a little sad with this little episode over the website the latest link in a campaign of failure that promised so much at the start.

Most AR people have moved on now from SHAC because of course the tactics have failed and the old 'organisers' are mostly in jail. The remaining rump that still uses the SHAC name for protesting, fund raising etc are the sad lonely part of the AR movement, those who use it as a replacement for a relationship, a good job, a social life etc.

Overlooked in all of this is of course the animals. SHAC has achieved nothing for them.

Anonymous said...

All that money from the street collections and they can't pay a website bill - makes you wonder where the money is doesn't it ?

Greg, can you help them with some money from that Isle of Man bank account ?

Anonymous said...

The trail of SHAC failure rolls on -

Friday January 29th was pushed as "The global day of action against AstraZeneca" and this resulted in -

Four vegan losers standing in the French rain

Five pasty faced nutcases in Los Angeles

Three brain donors in Gothenburg (fresh from their demo outside the dentist surgery presumably !)

So in total for what was pushed by SHAC as,

" a global day of action" and "a massive day of protest" and "the day that Astra Zeneca will never forget" resulted in a worldwide turnout of ...

drum roll....

wait for it.....

12 people.

A worldwide population of 7 billion and for one of their most important days in the year SHAC managed 12 persons.

If SHAC was a horse they would shoot it to put it out of its misery.

What a bunch of vegans !