Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop throwing dead rabbits

Some outraged farmer has thrown a dead bunny at Potty Potter!

Not as popular as you make out eh pottymouth?

SHACWATCH predicts the tensions inside SHAC will end this damp squib of an action over the weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Once, twice, three times a failure.

Oh dear - look who's camping by the side of the road! Yes it's our favourite failure loony Lynn and her cadre of cannon fodder. In a local rag Potty Potter has lied and stated that this is the lawful end of AR.

Is this the same SHAC that burgled the farm last year? Is this the same SHAC that revisited the farm in the middle of the night and got 3 members a year in jail? Is this the same SHAC that published pictures of the burglary on it's website? Is this the same SHAC that Lewis belongs to - the same Lewis currently remanded in custody on charges of burglary at the same farm?

Yes I thought so - SHAC the Liars

Better behave yourselves SHAC - there are so few of you left!

Gathering Gone?

News reaches SHACWATCH that the SHAC gathering normally held at the SHAC HQ in Kent has been moved to Northampton.

This is because Brendan never got on with Marion and cannot stand the livestock in the house.

It is also because the venue is now too large for the number of SHAC left!

I'm sure that the dregs will have a fine time in whatever 'phone box they find themselves.


Friday, July 24, 2009

SHAC / ALF return to the site of their failures

Stung by their failures in Lincolnshire SHAC have had a tantrum and are organising a pointless demo to highlight that :-
• their ALF cell is awaiting trial for the initial attack
• the children SHAC sent to re victimise were all nicked
• Three of them now have ASBO’s
• The farm remains open.

Do try and grow up SHAC - this silly action only highlights your failures

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strategic failure

BUAV reports a 14% rise in animal experimentation last year. SHACWATACH doesn’t really care one way or the other but it is another indicator of SHAC failure.

11 years in jail and a 14% increase in testing – that’s SHAC!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calm down dear

SHACWATCH is amused to read the recent drug addled rantings on Indylies today. These appear to be written by Mad Mandy Ford AKA SHAC Mandy AKA a right loon.

Just for clarity - SHACWATCH isn't SHAC.

SHAC is a criminal conspiracy most of which is currently in prison for their crimes.
The rest are on bail waiting to be imprisoned.

SHAC turns up at normal people’s houses and screams obscenities - SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHAC publishes the home addresses of innocent people and incites attacks on them - SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHAC collects money for animals and steals it – SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHACWATCH does publish the sentences SHAC receives for their crimes.
SHACWATCH does highlight SHAC lies.
SHACWATCH does ridicule SHAC when they fail time and time again.

SHACWATCH will continue to do this until

All are caged

Friday, July 17, 2009

Coming soon - SHACWATCH Specials

It's time for a couple of special features on the brace of harpies struggling for control of the dregs of SHAC:-
Yes SHACWATCH will be doing special features on:-

Debbie VINCENT - her time in the army, her links to Inkerman, her historic first ever sex change without any drugs - and much much more!

Lyn SAWYER - her time as a hunter - her tips for not being prosecuted - her struggle with depression and drugs - and more!

Now we have a lot of material for both features already but we want to give SHACWATCHERS the chance to contribute more - so send it in and we will publish soon!

Until all are caged!

Guess Who?

Local press report of yet another failed demo attempt:-

According to police, 23 protesters were present and only the one arrest was made. The woman has since been charged with aggravated trespass and bailed.

Can you guess who that 'woman' might be?

Yes you've got it - the loon just can stay out of trouble can she - perhaps she needs sectioning so she can get the help she clearly needs.

What happend to 'we never give up?'

One (more) down?

SHACWATCH has been told that the Pottymouth has had bad news?

Not before time!

Friday, July 10, 2009

One week to go!

OK - One week to go till the crushing of the SHAC fraud continues.

Who will take the cowards way out like Greg & Natasha?
Who will get extra for not pleading guilty like Heather?

Alfie, Nikki, Tom, Sarah and Jason - come on down - your freedom is over. Time to pay for your actions.

Until all are caged.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Novartis laugh as 'Nightmare' flops

SHAC can't even get a turnout for one of their high profile target days!

6 fools in the UK - on the wrong day!

4 in Finland

and a small car load in Holland!

Pathetic waste of time SHAC - when will you learn?

When Alfie pleads? When Sarah Pleads - is the awful truth beggining to dawn.

You failed - You are failures.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Moon over Camden?

Look at these loons:-

and also :-

This seems to be a continuation of the hilarious spat between Mad Mandy Ford AKA Shac Mandy and the serial looser Brendan McNally AKA 'Dodgy AR Type'.

Ordinarily we would say they are giving the movement a bad name - but of course that isn't possible in this context!

Keep taking the pills Mandy - Brendan, get a life

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lyn makes a fool of herself again!

Silly old Lyn,

Stopped by the Special Branch on return from her disastrous presentation at Oslo - Lyn thinks she is being stopped as part of the huge conspiracy against her! In fact it was her travelling companion that they were interested in as he has a very nasty past and a pretty disgusting present.

Keep up with your medication Lyn and perhaps we can all expect an improvement in your behaviour.