Friday, June 26, 2009

SHACtavist now backs BNP

Charlotte Lewis was jailed for six months in 2001 for her ongoing harassment of staff at the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) centre in Cambridgeshire.

Now Miss Lewis, of Thornton Heath, is backing British National Party (BNP) candidate Peter North in the by-election for a Sutton Council seat on July 4.

Recent media reports have also revealed BNP members called for her to receive an Iron Cross – an emblem of the German army during World War Two – for her work for the party. She said: “The party hierarchy has not said to me I’m not allowed to be an election agent.

“I know I took it [harassing animal testing staff] too far. That was foolish. But that is a spent conviction.”

Peterborough Crown Court heard that Lewis, who today is the London BNP regional treasurer, had “a history of psychological problems and suffers depression”. She was arrested after forensic scientists matched her saliva with DNA found on the back of the stamps used to post the letters.

Both fascists so no real change in outlook!

SHACWATCH awaits your attempts to spin this one SHAC

Fun and games at Indylies?

Later revelations about how Indymedia IP logging how been used in the prosecution of SHAC accused were purged from the Indymedia records and all discussion was blocked with reports and posts either removed or edited. But not before the world saw how important to the case detailed Indymedia records had been, the whistle blower who revealed this was quickly removed from the collective and identity taken over by the remaining admins so that a series of posts supposedly written by him could be put up with him admitting his 'guilt'. An attempt a revisionist history that fooled nobody.

Oh Dear - the pro SHAC Indylies seems to imploding!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

SHAC has no appeal

Word reaches us that all of the SHAC guilty appealed against their just punishments (Boo)

The good news is that they were all rejected! (Hooray!)

Except - Gerrah - We wonder why?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Report

SHACWATCH has noticed that the Z team are advertising a gathering of like minded dupes in Norway. In order to be of assistance SHACWATCH has written a 2009 report for SHAC to present to their chums overseas.

Leaders Imprisoned

Natasha AVERY
Heather AVERY
Gavin Med-Hall

Impressionable Dupes Imprisoned

Dan Waddham

Number of firms called HLS closed


There you go SHAC present that to your mates so they can get a good picture of your achievements - it looks like you will be competing with Austria for Greatest Failure of 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tell us more!

From a Shacwatcher:-

The question SHAC losers might like to ask themselves is.....

If nobody sold you out, if nobody grassed you up, if nobody passed info to the police why has somebody just bought a new car and a new house in Northern France even though they have no job, no money and no visible means of support ?

I'm told the sun shines nicely there in the Summer, perhaps it will be available for other SHAC members as well ?

Tell us more SHACWATCHER - name names etc.

BTW -How are those appeals coming?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a pratt!

'Animal rights activist Alan and pro-hunting Bella have little in common apart from both being single. Alan gave up his job to fight for animal rights whilst Bella believes in the right to hunt. This unlikely couple have agreed to spend four days dating to see if they can find any common ground. Is it an impossible match or can opposites attract?'

'Gave up his Job - hahahahahah!'

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loony Loser Lynn in court again?

What has the old drunk been up to now SHACWATCHERS?

We learn that she has appeared in court in Berkshire for Hunt monitoring activities.

Some Hunt monitors are charged with murder - their rear seat passengers get off though.

What can you tell us?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A challenge from SHAC!

UPDATE again -

We have been told that both losers got 12 months that is to say they got 7 months on remand. They also got ASBOs as they are both yobs - and they under licence for the rest of their 12 months - lets see if their claims to be remorseful were true. What do you think?

SHAC losers have challenged SHACWATCH to publish the 'recent sentences' - we assume they mean the uber losers Cain,Steele and Clarke.

We can't as we don't know what they are - but we are sure you can tell us SHACWATCHERS.


Thanks SHACWATCHERS - we now know what's happend and we can see why SHAC / ALF are not happy! The pressure never relents on them eh?

Thing is with Lewis POGSON about to be tried and found guilty of the first attack we shouldn't report what happend to this failed attempt.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coming soon - the deluge of guilt

Coming soon - The also rans of the SHAC conspiracy have only a few weeks left to make their guilt public or they will forfeit any potential discount they could get off their prison terms.
The choice is stark as they are guilty as charged and their leaders admitted both the conspiracy and their part in it - so they had better prepare for a number of years away!

They will get no sympathy here .

They have made their beds and are all now whining - Greg 'Guilty' AVERY 2007