Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Court Time for SHAC

SHAC is returning to it's favourite pastime - being prosecuted and convicted !

Having just failed to prevent another case coming to court we now know they will be appearing in September and AGAIN in January.

Is this getting through SHAC?

It won't end until you stop.

Until all are caged.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Now that's waht I call Ironic -

The main player in the ALF support group - a total fool called Mark Organ has been convicted of a bungled raid on a chicked farm!

The irony is he supplies cash to 'vegan' prisioners (and Gerrah) while they are banged up - I wonder who will do it for him?

So much for all the lies about the ALFSG being fully legal etc.....

Until All are Caged

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A comment promoted.......

In reply to 'Anonymous' who was asking about the views of Shacwatch on animal rights.

I can't speak for the author of Shacwatch but I can tell you my story. Animal Rights has been a passion of mine for over fifteen years, I have been involved in a number of campaigns, I have stood and collected money, I have written letters, I have spoken at meetings, I have marched on demos. I am convinced that SHAC, the tactics it adopted and the people who ran it have done more to set back the cause of Animal Rights in Britain that just about anything else, that's why I read and very occasionaly contribute to Shacwatch.

I believe SHAC to be corrupt, to have used money intended for AR work to support the lives of an inner elite, to have crossed the lines into terrorism on occasion and worst of all, very worst of all to have allowed the arguments around this so very important issue to be lost.

SHAC achieved nothing, it alienated people who supported the cause, it wasted money, it lied about infiltration of its organising team and compromised the details of thousands of supporters, it allowed the government to portray AR people as criminals and nutcases just at the time when support for the cause was growing and it gave an excuse to the state to prop up groups like HLS which would have probably folded by now as a result of commercial pressure.

AR work in Britain is now twice as hard as it once was because of SHAC, people who I know no longer sent money to AR causes or are prepared to come on demos because they do not want to be associated with the SHAC label.The sooner SHAC is finaly compltely gone the better.


Thanks for your heartfelt comments

Friday, May 14, 2010

Coalition of the defeated

Word reaches SHACWATCH that a curious mixture of AR and ALF detritus has been turning up at Leicester.

It seems bits of the failed SPEAK campaign have been protesting with bits of the failed and jailed SHAC campaign and all under the illiterate direction of the notorious failed ALF activist Luke Steele.

Grow up – the steelwork is already up in Leicester – so you have failed there as well– meanwhile other universities are building their own facilities.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yet another ALF/SHAC loon

Meet Robert Griffith - he is caged for sending disgusting letters to innocent members of the public - like so many SHAC supporters Robert has learning difficulties.

Makes you wonder what sort of sick campaign would use a bloke like Robert in such a way - but this isn't the first time SHAC has done this. Remember Jameson? or Jaggers?

SHAC - abusing those with learning dificulties for their evil ends

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SHAC fraud (again)

former SHAC member said...
If SHACWATCH documented every case of fraud and theft of donations that have been linked to SHAC there would be very little else on the site !

The use of SHAC fund raisng to fund the lifestyles of various members is now so well known it's hardly worth talking about. Adrian Radford has talked about what Natasha Avery spent donations on. Trevor Holmes was well known for his "expenses". Even Virginia Steele has asked about what her money was being spent on.

At one stage each SHAC street stall was generating around £200 a day after costs (this has dropped to about £30 now and there are far less stalls) with some insiders estimating that about 50% of this went directly to supporting the lifestles of Greg, Natasha and Heather.

The good news is that animal rights supporters are much more clued up these days and spend their money where it weill help animals not fund Greg's holidays.

Thanks for the reminder SHACWATCHER

Friday, May 7, 2010

Animal Protection Party is a Joke!

As widely predicted the sick joke - The Animal Protection Party polled less than the Monster Raving Loony party! As they collapsed they wasted £2,000 donated by innocent fools who thought they were helping animals.

Wake up SHAC - nobody supports your tired sick agenda - you define 'minority' - you will not be allowed to impose your stupid and repulsive views on others!
More cages await.