Friday, January 29, 2010


It seems that SHAC Sweden has the same level of intellegence as their partners in crime in the UK. The SHAC website records a vist to the home of a company director that SHAC Sweden had decided to target, the demo report however fails to record the fact that SHAC Sweden went to the wrong house ! ROFL !

This report from the Swedish newspaper - Folkbladet details an interview with the local police chief, translated it reads,

"It seems this group were trying to find the home of a medical company executive but came to the house of a dentist who had the same family name and is listed in medical directory. He tried to explain to them the mistake they had made "

Thanks for the update SHACWATCHER!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you fall for such obvious disinformation regarding the person being a dentist.


Humm - lets see - who is the most trustworthy - The Swedish Police or a physcopathic group of habitual liars, most of whom are in prision?

Not really a tricky one that!