Friday, December 23, 2011

Luke - NAVA - disaster


23.11.2011 19:10

The last thing the animal rights movement needs is your brand of lets attack everyone and make the movement into a societal pariah.

Drop the bravado. The fact of the matter is that you made the wrong call. You thought you could get away with harassment and stalking people, you were wrong. And now you're trying to save face because you realise people are reacting with revulsion at your tactics. For years to come NARN will be remembered as that creepy group that stalks women, you dug your own grave when you carried out that course of action. You were wrong and everyone knows it. You were called up on it and now you're embarrassed because someone dared to challenge you for violating the rights of others. Ironically this makes you the same as someone who owns a fur farm, you think violating rights is an acceptable course of action. In the same way a fur farmer thinks violating an animal to generate profit is acceptable, you think violating women is acceptable to generate a profitable outcome for your aims.

As a feminist I cannot support targeting women and making them afraid to walk the streets, it is a revolting tactic, women are already afraid enough as it is to walk the streets without your idiocy making the situation even worse. Yes they may work for a company that sells fur however that does not give you a right to violate them, to terrify them, to make them afraid of the city they live in. Two wrong do not make a right. You won't end the exploitation of animals by following women and targeting them in a predatory manner. That is the behaviour of chauvinists and rapists, not the behaviour of those that wish to fight for the rights of others.

It is clear you haven't learned anything, and it is clear you suffer from chauvinistic supremacy and fascist tendencies. As a feminist so long as you continue with your tactics of targeting vulnerable women I and other feminists around the country will support Leeds Women's Aid in calling you out until such a time you realise you are wrong.
Vegan feminist