Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mels out!

Former SHAC leader and arsonist Mel Broughton has been granted bail before his next trial begins! SHACWATCH hopes he uses this short period of freedom to re-examine his perverse ways and attempts to make ammends for his crimes - we doubt he will though as he is as fanatic and beyond salvation.

He will soon be (re) caged.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where are they now?

It's all gone quiet again - yes there is another trial starting soon and yes another load will go to jail but still you would expect a little more activity.

The Fool is busy closing down vegie cafes and nicking the cash - very SHAC!

Where is Debz - what about Brendan the source?

Keith is a total loon - but then again he always was!

So once again we have to ask - anybody seen SHAC?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

View from the North.....

In UK news Luke Steele's latest money making idea SAEAB (Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford) seems to have been recognised as such by a number of Yorkshire AR people. As one activist in the area wrote,

"Dear Luke,

Would you please stop making these one-man-campaign announcements? You're seriously alienating the rest of the AR community in Yorkshire by going off on your own like this.... you could become a liability..... We all know that SAEAB is your personal vanity project so please will you start putting the animals before your own ego? "

Other Yorkshire area people knowing full well Luke's links to the Far Right have kept their distance from this unpleasant individual. Having had experience of Luke's offers to "look after the money" in the past a number of former SHAC people in the region are wisely keeping Luke well away from donations received.

No longer are people fooled by SHAC attempts to 'rebrand' and keep the cash flowing under a new name.

Of course many within SHAC still want to know who out of Cain and Luke Steele it was who gave info to the police in return for a lesser sentence last year. Care to share that with us Luke ?

New name - same old failure

Thanks Northern SHACWATCHER

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Pru your boyfriends back!

Poor old Pru - caught in Holland for foolishly attempting to destroy the Dutch ecosystem by releasing mink into it she spent some months in custody.

Her boyfriend Sven has now also been caught and brought back to Holland - never mind Pru the Dutch are quite liberal and may allow you to visit each other while your are serving your lengthy terms!

It's worth noting that this wouldn't be happening to you had you grown up and left the SHAC loonies to their dribbling and ranting!

Until ALL are caged - we don't care where.

Friday, March 19, 2010

ever Foolish......

Shame about the arrogant toffs who ruined the gathering at Sumac by playing loud music all night!
Patrick had to pull the plug out of the music system and the toffs [Alan Buttle and Lia Amos] went and found a generator and put the music back on until gone 5am.
Thye have since laughed their toff heads off about thisbraying how Patrick went MENNNTTTAAALLL!!!!
They even had the cheek to raid the food in the basement. Buttle said that it's stupid for an AR gathering@ to power down at 10pm.
Cops and professional infiltrators couldn't have done a better job in disrupting and wrecking the gathering. Sleep deprivation is used as a tactic by police at large activist events.

Ah Yes - The Fool Strikes again! - he has been throwing his weight about at POGO as well - so that will fail soon

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More of that......

This one is lest anybody forgets exactly what lies underneath the glossy exterior of SHAC.
More news from SHACWATCHER:-
During the recent Animal Rights Spring Gathering there was some interesting side discussions about SHAC and the current debate over infiltration. In the lead up to the gathering an undercover police officer was found to have been involved in the planning of the event.
The officer was of course pushed out however a number of activist believed this was the direct result of the widespread infiltration of SHAC by either police or private security because the police undercover agent was originly vouched for by two SHAC people who have subsequently dropped out of the scene and are widely thought to have been cops as well.
One or two of the Veggies crew are very angry because it was now known the SUMAC centre was probably bugged as well which has compromised some of their work.Once again it all comes back to SHAC

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hypocrisy free AR posters

A talented SHACWATCHER has sent some hypocrisy free AR posters - he takes their words, removes the lies a distortions and sends us the results - good job!

SHAC scrape barrel (again)

Oh Dear - look at this - it's all getting very pathetic. These senior citizens should be at home in the warm with a nice mug of coco, not making fools of themselves in support of a terrorist fraud.

If you are responsible for these people - shame on you - if you are these people then you are certainly old enough to know what you are doing is morally and socially unacceptable.

SHAC is a disgusting fraud - anybody associated with it is either too stupid or too twisted to realise that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SHAC France fail - Plus Ca Change!

It seems that SHAC France is up to the same tricks as the SHAC UK lot. Their repeated failure and their tactics are as boring as they are predictable.

SHAC France decided to mount a protest outside AstraZeneca (Yawn!)

They emailed and called activists in the Paris region with talk of a "big" demo.

Only seven losers turned up

They posted to the SHAC website claiming double that and then posted pictures showing quite clearly that there were less numbers than they claimed.

I'm not sure if it is the unhealthy vegan diet, the general stupidity of people involved with SHAC or just the inability to understand that doing the same thing time and time again with the same result (failure) is one of the signs of madness but whatever the reason it seems likely that SHAC in France is just as hopeless as their UK cousins.

What a bunch of vegans !