Friday, February 26, 2010

No Shit Sherlock!

London Shacwatcher said...
The disintergration of SHAC has started to manifest itself with two tactics of late. The first has been one that other SHACWATCHERS have seen, the creation of a new name for the same bunch of vegans to try and fool people that their cult is growing (West Yorks Animal Rights, Bradford Animal Rights etc etc)the second is to try and present events as some sort of victory for the AR movement despite quite obviously being nothing of the sort.

We saw this a little while ago where a group contacted a number of universities that do not do animal research, asked them to confirm they didn't and on that basis claimed it as a success. The latest bunch to try and fool people using this methodology is the so called Animal Liberation Investigation Unit which in reality is a pasty faced ALF reject with body odur issues and a rather troubled young woman who has never quite got over being dumped by a previous boyfriend.

This bunch of nutters, in their words "gained access to the former site of Yamanouchi Research Institute on Littlemore Park near Oxford" - in fact they walked into an empty building. They fully admit they know the company had moved when they said,

"We already knew the site no longer belonged to Yamanouchi or Astellas Pharma" but obviously thinking that the average AR supporter would not be able to put together 2 and 2 they stated,

"however are now in a position to confirm that animal experiments are no longer taking place at the former-YRI site. "

Well no shit Sherlock ! Using this thinking I am also able to confirm that car produciton is no longer taking place at the former Rover plant in Birmingham and that coal production has stopped at all the pits that have been shut !

One thing that they forgot to mention, the facility had closed because the company moved to a brand spanking new bigger facility, one that this bunch of vegans have been unable to discover the location off.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

APP - don't blame us!

There has been another load of lunatic post on Indylies - this time about the Animal Protection party:-

This is an example:-

Keith Mann has changed beyond all recognition since joing the APP or SPEAK Political. He has aired dirty laundry and made false accusations against other AR people in public. He is not at the top of the animal rights pryamid as has been claimed on Wikipedia. He wrote that himself on Wikipedia. He emailed a lot of lies about an innocent person publicly to hundreds of strangers via Facebook. This was then aired in public on Indymedia and Keith was shown up to be a liar. He has an unhealthy obssession with aliens, David Icke and conspiracy theories. He has become an embarassment to AR.

SPEAK Political are mostly very odd people who have spread all sorts of misinformation since their arrival into AR. They are believed by many to be a private investigation firm who are out to get AR people and who's members have described Bradford animal testing labs as "world class research facilities".

What's even worse is that some of the people in the APP hate Keith with a passion.

The whole APP fiasco has been a disaster from beginning to end.

We will answer Steve Discombe : If NETCU are saying that the APP are nothing to do with you then that's what you are saying. We think that the APP are hired by a private investigation company who are out to get AR people on behalf of the Medical Research Council.

Why are the APP saying they are nothing to do with SHAC? Most of the APP go on SHAC demos. Why disassociate yourselves from SHAC like this? Why stand against AC? The APP are causing division and are not genuine AR people. There is something wrong with the APP.

Thing is SHACWATCH is getting blamed for these posts - we have news for you SHAC - it's not us. It's other, deranged, AR nutters that don't like you!

No real surprise though - disgust for you and your activities is pretty universal.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It won't work SHAC

SHAC have been posting drunken rants on Indylies - trying to distract from their increasing failure - it won't work SHAC. You got less than 80 for a national demo. You got no coverage at all in the press. You have let your website fail and even Indylies are hiding your posts.

Oh and the next trial begins soon - two have already pleaded guilty - just like last time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

SHAC National Failure


These series of events at Bradford were leading up to an event on Saturday that had the dubious pleasure of speakers as recognised in the AR scene as Luke Steele, Amanda Richards, Debbie Vincent and Sean Kirtley. The local organisers had pushed this event as "a massive demo" with the usual round of emails and telephone calls to try and get people to attend. They really pulled out all the stops but despite this less than eighty people bothered to turn up for a boring shuffle through the area in the rain.

Amanda Richards from Speak Campaigns was without doubt the worst, a rambling justification of her own failure with a couple of the usual soundbites about Oxford University, the majority of the crowd wasn't even listening by the end.

SHAC's Debbie Vincent was to be blunt simply embarrasing and organisers of these events really need to consider if he/she should allowed near a microphone in the future, by the end even diehard SHAC supporters could be seen shuffling their feet and staring at the ground.

Being a SHAC event there was of course the usual attempt at violence toward the end but this was quickly dealt with by the local Bradford police. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Gilmore who would usualy attend big civil disturbance events didn't even bother to turn up such was the confidence the police had in low numbers for the event. Cleary they had inside knowledge.

The campaign must now return to the important task of writing the press release and deciding the reasons why this was a 'success'. This SHACWATCHER anticipates they will 1) inflate the numbers attending 2)lie about local support 3)blame the police for something.

Even after a change of name the stench of failure remains for anything which has links to SHAC.

Thanks for the accurate report SHACWATCHER - until all are caged

PS - Thanks for the hi res photo's Northern Indymedia - this link:-

Allows you to do an accurate head count - we get to about 77!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Luke does a SHAC in Bradford.....

From a northern Shacwatcher...

....A couple of days previously they had once again had a day out at Bradford University, they first visited Yorkshire Forward (an academic funding group ) but got ignored so they pushed off to the university itself. During registration they confused a number of new students with some incoherent shouting before again shuffling off to the bemused laughs of the staff and students.

The final humiliation for them was a mini bus tour of other parts of the campus where once again they were met with derisive laughter and much finger pointing by staff and students alike.

Alex a new student at Bradford spoke for many when he said,

"We don't really understand what they were shouting about, some people thought they were drunk, I had assumed it was a stunt to raise money for Haiti either way it was very confusing trying to work out what they wanted "

More failure - more wasted lives - Luke has already spent considerable time inside - he has no skills whatsoever - take a bow Mrs Steele - try and do the right thing for him even if your entire life has been a failure up to this point.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Were is SHAC?

Anybody seen them? The retard Steele is making an incompetent noise in the north - Cambridge has what appears to be a group of octogenarians hanging about Boots and Sussex has a couple of confused 'wimmin' who are or are not SHAC.

So where are they? Is this the way it ends - not even a whimper!

Pathetic really

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shock Shac revalation - Lynn can read!

I know many of you have assumed that Lynn's bizarre and anti social behaviour could be put down to a poor upbringing and alcoholism but a shocking new revelation may make you think again.

Lynn can READ!

Yes - I know that this means she has no excuse for her startling ignorance and predation of youngsters but facts are facts.

Lynn – too ashamed to post under her own name has written a little piece about a police manual – she is upset as it lists her as an extremist and even worse the manual is published by Oxford University!
Lynn has friends in prison for failing to prevent the building of an animal house at Oxford!

So much failure surrounding such a worthless individual – karma or somthing else?.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back Up - Let the ridicule continue

SHAC have managed to find a 50p down the back of the (non leather) sofa and have paid their web bills!

Well done SHAC - we were running out of things to say about you as your website is the only place anybody discusses you at all (apart from here)!

More caged soon - end of this month for the next court apperance.