Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luke still struggles with reality since his release

Shacwatch is sorry to report the relapse of Luke Steel - this was sent to us yesterday,

hahahahaha this the best u fucking nutters have slagging us of real mature
u are sick stupid pricks

as can be seen Luke hasn't learnt anything fr0m his recent prison term - he hasn't even mastered writing yet, which, at his age is shameful!

Shacwatch urges Luke to make better use of the prison education system on his next term and to spend less time with the psychophysically disturbed.

Until ALL are caged.


Anonymous said...

come on luke wake up and smell the coffee, the shac campaign is over, get a grip on realality .

Anonymous said...

Like most with links to the Far Right, Steele lacks brains

Anonymous said...

First Rita Silva from Portugal and now Luke Steele, proof if it were needed that a vegan diet is harmful to the intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Luke could spend his time at the increasingly pathetic demos SHAC are running outside of the AstraZeneca premises every so often. The latest one was down to just three people.

Local passers by looked on in amused contempt at the sad empty individuals who stood there. Even the police don't bother now prefering just to come past at the end and remind the vegan losers about the law when using megaphones.

What a bunch of utter vegans !

Grown up person said...

The SHAC protests against AstraZeneca continue to fail and embarrass activists throughout the AR scene. The latest was at Charnwood in Loughborough England where four rather undernourished vegans decided to follow the standard demo procedure of :

Turn up - be ignored
Wave banners - be ignored
Shout slogans - be ignored
Scream at workers - be ignored
Tell other companies why they are there - get laughed at.

While the SHAC losers were outside making fools of themselves as usual the scientists inside were making a real contribution to society as the research work at the Charnwood site is focused on finding new medicines for respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema as well as inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

I assume that SHAC memebrs are happy to confirm they will never want to be treated with any of the life saving medicine developed there ?