Sunday, April 25, 2010

SHAC panned by the BBC

This Video has been sent to SHACWATCH by a reader - thanks as we missed it!

In it we have The Fool saying 'you can imprison as many of us as you like' - Thanks fool - that is what is happening - lots more going down soon! He also says he doesn't think anybody has been terrorised by SHAC - clearly his low protein diet is affecting his mental faculty.

There is also an incoherent ramble from Debz (was she drunk?)

The balanced report contains the fact that in the last 6 years animal testing in the UK has increased each year - hows about that for a performance indicator SHAC?

Great stuff - UAAC

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well Done Austria.....

Die Spitze des Eisbergs
This is Martin - Martin runs the ALF in Austria - he has been in the UK too and is a good mate of Keith Mann ( although he isn't a space alien).

The Austrian state has decided it is fed up with the childish, dishonest and disgusting actions of the ALF and SHAC so they are prosecuting them and putting them in cages - just like they did in the UK.

Well Done Austria - lets see if other EU nations can clear SHAC out as well. As they say in Austria - Bis alle werden in Käfigen gehalten

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poor old Dan - pratt!

Poor old Dan Wadham! He is now back in a normal wing in his prison on the IoW - because he has been a pratt.

Little Dan decided that as his life was so good inside he would do a sponsored walk - for SEA-SHEPHERD - yes the group accused of piracy in Japan. Naturally the prison quickly banged him up in a proper cell as soon as they heard.

Wake up and smell the un enhanced coffee SHAC - your activities and views are not acceptable - you are not allowed to continue them. Your behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Grow up Dan - try and behave and you may get out in a couple of years or so.

SHACWATCH will be watching.