Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year - same Crap

SHAC have called for 'one more push' against HLS - AGAIN!!!!

This is the same message as in 2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009 - each year a bigger failure than the last!

Will you wake up and smell the non vegan coffee - you have failed - you are failures and those of you NOT already in jail will be soon.

Those not on criminal charges in 2010 really havn't tried hard enough - yes we mean you Lyn - as anybody that has stepped over the line inthe last 3 years has been caught and charged.

Ask Lewis Pogson - Ask Harris and Tapping - Ask Organ - you can evan ask the fool!

Happy new Imprisonment SHAC - try and grow up this year!


Medawar said...

What is "non-vegan coffee" and where can I buy some?

Would Bovril do?

Anonymous said...

i been thinking of having some shacwatch t shirts made up , any ideas what to put on them?

Medawar said...

"I counted them all out, I counted them all into jail afterwards!"

"It's hard to think straight when you've got a sozzled mind."

Medawar said...

The Animal Rights flagship, the stealth speedboat Ady Gil, has broken up and sunk after its first bang from a Japanese Whaler. (Medawar predicted this in a comment on the RDS blog.)

Since the plan had been to drive the Ady Gil into the path of any harpoons fired by the whalers, the collision and sinking, with none dead, is probably a blessing compared to what we might have seen if Paul Watson's mad plan had been fully executed.

The millionaires who gave him the boat, must have been trying for some more AR martyrs to replace Barry Horne and Jill Phipps, because they must have known what the failure characteristics of the vessel actually were.

They'll be donating explosive vests, next. Watson is mad, the people who gave him the boat are just plain evil.