Thursday, November 26, 2009

And it goes on.....

Lewis Pogson, an animal rights campaigner, faces a string of charges in connection with the raid of a Lincolnshire farm linked to the well-known research company Huntingdon Life Sciences.

A court was told that equipment used in the raid was later found at his mother's house.

A jury heard how intruders forced their way into a shed at a farm in Normanby by Spital, north of Lincoln, and stole 129 New Zealand White rabbits which were bred specifically for the animal research industry.

Felicity Gerry, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that Lewis Pogson was one of those involved in the raid.

A pair of bolt croppers used in the raid were later found in the garage of his mother's home in Dulwich, south-east London, along with what Miss Gerry described as a burglary kit.

Pogson, 23, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Kent, denies charges of blackmail, criminal damage, theft of rabbits and interfering with a contractual relationship on January 7, 2008.

The trial continues.

Ha ha ha - not long now Lewis....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dog Gone?

Once again SHACWATCHERS have spotted gold on Indylies - This post:-

ELP can now report that a second woman has also been arrested and she has also been remanded into custody. For legal reasons we can't name either of the women....Both women are vegan.

Got a response from Niomi Scott - regular SHACWATCHERS will know that this is an alias for Natasha SIMPKINS.

That post provoked a furious response -
You think you're clever don't you?
Anywhere but a cage to spend life is better. Wouldn't you think "Niomi"?
Being caged for life in the first place is the crime.
The screws will pay..

Could it be ?
Has Natasha been caged in Holland?
Where is the beagle suit?

Who is next?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

SHAC fail in Bradford

In the end this demo despite a massive effort fielded about 10 rather sad, lonely looking individuals who hung around for a while outside the IPI building where medical research takes place before presumably boredom took over and they shuffled off to the main Richmond Building which is the admin part of the campus. Mark Cleary, the vice chancellor went and had a chat with them for a couple of minutes out of curiosity and after that the group drifted off.

Most students were somewhat bewildered by the display with the majority thinking it was a CND demo that had been advertised for the same day.

I assume they will be posting a report to the usual AR sites as well as Indymedia claiming success, hundreds in attendance, people inspired, blah blah blah in the standard SHAC manner.

Thanks for the reports SHACWATCHERS

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Bradford Student attacks SHAC!

Promoted :-

Come and protest, but don't expect much support
17.11.2009 03:30

You can come and protest all you like, free speech and all that. But the university is not going to give up vivisection research and the students will not be intimidated by you. The vast majority of us simply think you're wasting your time, you'll have no luck getting much support from the students. You'd have a ruddy impossible time trying to get the students on campus to not wear leather or eat chicken, let alone convincing them not to support animal testing.

You can complain all you like about animal testing but how many of you actually have an undergraduate degree in biology or chemistry let alone a masters or PhD? If you are so anti-testing why don't you actually contribute towards finding alternative methods as opposed to simply blandly condemning? Forgive the phrase, but back seat driver springs to mind? It's all well and good trying to shout that alternatives exist but anyone with even the most basic university biology or chemistry background knows that this is NOT true in the vast majority of cases. Yes in some cases alternatives have been found for instance with specific skin irritation testing for cosmetics, but at the end of the day with current technology in vitro techniques cannot yet model a full scale living organism. There are no two ways about that... we do not have the technology to be able to fully replace living animal models yet. It'd be great if we did because at the end of the day contrary to what you try to tell the public the vast majority of scientists do not enjoy having to routinely kill animals, yes there are a minority who over step the line (I have seen the video of a man punching the beagle at HLS on youtube) however they should simply be sacked. It's no good condemning the majority of hard working scientists for the actions of a very tiny minority, the vast majority would never punch a dog for simply struggling or barking. In the same way I'm going to give your local group (WYARG?) the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are not responsible for the minority of activists who think it's acceptable to intimidate people by smashing their windows, painting lewd messages, and burning property. I simply ask that you do not tar all scientists with the same brush.

One day in the future I'm sure with further advances we will eventually be able to replace animals, but until then animal testing is what we are stuck with. Incidentally many of the in vitro techniques used for alternative testing actually use cells harvested from animals, so whilst you try to promote the alternatives is it not hypocritical that you are still promoting a method that involves an animal at some point in the line?

Bradford student

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fellow travellers Caged

Not SHAC but good news all the same:-

Two men have been sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court today (12/11).
Robert Griffiths, aged 59, of Kingsfield Oval, Stoke-on-Trent, and Robert Lewis, aged 62, of Pheasant Road, Trebanos, Swansea, pleaded guilty to offences under section 146 of the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 on 12 October.
They were each sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and given a 10 year anti-social behaviour order. (Their sentences were reduced on the grounds of their guilty plea, as well as their current health status.)
On sentencing the two defendants, Judge King said: “I want to send a message to anyone else appearing before a court that such conduct cannot be tolerated and a custodial sentence must be expected”.
The convictions relate to a number of offences across the UK and the United States between 1 January 2002 and 27 January 2009, in which threatening letters were sent to companies linked to drug testing, as well as their business partners and employees.

Note - MORE Guilty pleas so so false attempts to claim a giant conspiracy please SHAC - these two admit their guilt exatly as Greg did!

Until ALL are caged

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SHAC Attack?

Four more kids pay for others crimes:-

TWO people have been arrested in Evesham in connection with an investigation into animal rights extremism.

A 19-year-old man from Evesham and a 20-year-old woman from Evesham were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and are currently in custody helping police with their enquiries.

The arrests were made after a warrant was executed at an address in Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcestershire today as part of an ongoing investigation in Hampshire.

Officers are searching the address and the search is expected to continue for some time.

The arrests relate to incidents of criminal damage that occurred in the Winchester, Fareham, Hedge End and Farnborough areas of Hampshire in September and October 2008.

A man and a woman from Gosport were also arrested at an address in Clarence Road, Gosport, Hampshire.

Who could this be? Boat Lane - sounds familiar - isn't that where the Loon lives ? But she is 72 so it can't be her - not another couple of young dupes sucked into her sick web of lies.

SHACWATCH - we never give up and we always win!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Those silly tykes in SHAC have been advertising a SHACWATCH meeting down in london.

Is this a desperate attempt to boost the SHAC numbers? - they have taken to adding in the number of cops on their protests - perhaps they want us in their dodgy stats as well.

70 people on a SHAC National !!!!!

Oh Barry - see what they have become - so sad

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AR Myths

This was recently posted on Indylies and then suppressed.

You can read it here:-

It does debunk some more of the SHAC lies - We publish it onky because SHAC want to hide it.

Thanks for highlighting it SHACWATCHERS

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SHAC snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

SHAC have made a great fuss of how they have defeated Novartis lawyer TLC in his attempts to get further restrictions on the sad crew!

Turns out he needn't have bothered as only 70 people turned up!

Considering this is the SHAC NATIONAL and they are only allowed one demo a year that is a truly pathetic number.

Well done Donal and Debz - you have failed on the same scale as Greg and Nat!

BTW - why isn't there a report on SHAC or Indymedia?

Heres one: