Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Idiot of the Week!

Well done Lewis - beating off heavy competition from all the usual SHAC suspects he has achieved Idiot of the Week - a title normally reserved in perpetuity for Lynn.

It would seem that he didn't think parole conditions applied to him -they do and he is now back inside - his parents must be proud!

Until all are properly caged.

(Ps thanks for the tip SHACWATCHERS)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Highgate Farm Protest Day 3.......

Well done Lincolnshire Police - ensuring the right to lawful protest by cracking down on those who abuse it!

Until all are caged.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Lemur overreaches

Your necessity to resort to insult so quickly is disappointing but no worry. No Insult Lemur - SHACWATCH was exposing your underlying aims

I think all I will learn from future trials of SHAC activists is that the Government of the time was eager to show the industry that its opponents would be harshly dealt with. I think this is why, even if what these people did could be described as blackmail, it was certainly not the most serious form of this crime but sentences near the maximum were given.
Ah yes - it's all great big conspiracy and the Judge, the jury and everybody was in on it
More, in fact, than those involved in more straightforwardly criminal blackmail cases involving abduction with demands for money have received.
Possibly because of the number of victims and the physical and mental impact ? Or could it be the disgusting nature of some of the attacks - paedophile letters, sanitary towels!
I suspect that, given this perception, SHAC activists on trial must be tempted to plead guilty to reduce such draconian sentences.
Didn't work did it!
What do you think about the unique imposition of indefinite ASBOs for Heather, Gregg & Natasha preventing them from ever expressing their views about vivisection?
Good point - as was revealed during the trail SHAC cloaked their illegal activities with a false veneer of 'lawful protest' - the ASBO's demonstrate that the 'right' to lawful protest isn't absolute and can be withdrawn if abused - and the appeal court agreed!

This is the crux of what SHACWATCH continues to expose - SHAC is a lie - it isn't and has never been lawful - as such all that can be done is jail it! This point has been recognised by two of the second trail SHAC conspirators and they have admitted their guilt - the rest must take their chances!

Until all are caged

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SHAC burn bunnies alive

In yet another spectacular own goal SHAC have callously killed 8 of the very same bunnies they were supposed to be protecting....

EIGHT rabbits burned to death during an arson attack on a Lincolnshire farm for which animal rights activists claimed responsibility, it has been revealed.
As reported in the Echo, Highgate Farm in Normanby-by-Spital, near Market Rasen, was targeted by arsonists at about 2.20am on Monday, July 19.
A white Mercedes Sprinter van was destroyed.

Farm owner Geoff Douglas said whoever set the van on fire neglected to first check inside.No thought was given to what might have been in the van - it could even have been a driver having a sleep before going on his journey," said Mr Douglas, 64.

Before the police took the vehicle for examination, I was asked to remove the dead rabbits and it was one of the most upsetting things I have ever had to do.

Those poor rabbits, eight of them, while subjected to heat and toxic fumes, would have had hot, melting plastic dropping on their backs, leading to an agonising and terrifying death.

No animal should ever have to suffer like this."

If anybody has any information that could lead to the arrest of these disgusting animal abusers Shacwatch urges you to contact the police.

SHAC - torturing rabbits to death.