Monday, December 28, 2009

New shac policy of honesty

Look at this - an old friend has crawled out from under his rock - but look at his sign. At least he is being honest about himself now!
Well done fool - you are on the way to recovery - just need to eat some meat, stop hanging round with transsexuals and get a job and then a life!


Anonymous said...

The fool has I assume been dragged out because the AstraZeneca demos are becoming more and more embarrasing with the lack of people. AZ stopped caring some months ago when it became obvious that the passing public didn't care and AZ employees were no longer bothered.

SHAC regarded AZ as a major target for 2009 and their entire set of tactics failed.

Lynn Sawyers Vodka Supplier said...

Over on Indymedia UK (indylies) there's some posts where other activists try to help SHAC understand why their policies have failed and why people are rejecting SHAC and embracing alternative means of achieving change. This of course prompts a reply from the old harpie herself who while clearly failing to remember the old advice, "never post when drunk" gets a reply from another activist that clearly sums up the attitude to both SHAC and Sawyer from Indy people,

"Sawyer isn't even worth the bother of a reply."

Support for SHAC and its policy of violence and intimidation is falling by the day even on nutcase sites like Indymedia.