Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SHAC France fail - Plus Ca Change!

It seems that SHAC France is up to the same tricks as the SHAC UK lot. Their repeated failure and their tactics are as boring as they are predictable.

SHAC France decided to mount a protest outside AstraZeneca (Yawn!)

They emailed and called activists in the Paris region with talk of a "big" demo.

Only seven losers turned up

They posted to the SHAC website claiming double that and then posted pictures showing quite clearly that there were less numbers than they claimed.

I'm not sure if it is the unhealthy vegan diet, the general stupidity of people involved with SHAC or just the inability to understand that doing the same thing time and time again with the same result (failure) is one of the signs of madness but whatever the reason it seems likely that SHAC in France is just as hopeless as their UK cousins.

What a bunch of vegans !


Allo Allo Allo ! said...

There is another fact that SHAC 'forgot' to mention in their report (or maybe they did not know) one of those present dropped their wallet outside AstraZeneca and it was retrieved by a security guard. The local Paris police were very interested in the contents which included several phone numbers it seems.

Anonymous said...

Anything about Kerry Duggan booking a coach with a paedophile?

It's more than bit weird how this lady has so much time off of work for demos..days off when needed...weeks at a time off work. How? Unless of course she works for the pharma industry, which would make sense. What did she do before she came to to the UK and threw herself into AR? She has no other friends, no other social life, no other hobbies. What is she going to do when it's all gone?
She's more than immersed into the alien APP cult too...

Anonymous said...

The first arrest of a person in France as a result of the dropped wallet was this afternoon.