Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where are they now?

It's all gone quiet again - yes there is another trial starting soon and yes another load will go to jail but still you would expect a little more activity.

The Fool is busy closing down vegie cafes and nicking the cash - very SHAC!

Where is Debz - what about Brendan the source?

Keith is a total loon - but then again he always was!

So once again we have to ask - anybody seen SHAC?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps their alien friends beamed them up?

Man Di Fjord said...

Yeah I heard that The Fool was baking cakes with £20 notes from the till in them. He then buys the slice of cake that he knows contains the note at discount prices. I think that's how he's paid for his new clothes.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Master Ching Hai loves the alien people and is being kind to them.

Supreme Master Keith Mann doesn't.

Anonymous said...

DEBZ HERE...im behind you lol!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Sadie Graham?

Animal Rights activist and member of the British National Party who was investigated by the police for leaking BNP emails.