Friday, March 19, 2010

ever Foolish......

Shame about the arrogant toffs who ruined the gathering at Sumac by playing loud music all night!
Patrick had to pull the plug out of the music system and the toffs [Alan Buttle and Lia Amos] went and found a generator and put the music back on until gone 5am.
Thye have since laughed their toff heads off about thisbraying how Patrick went MENNNTTTAAALLL!!!!
They even had the cheek to raid the food in the basement. Buttle said that it's stupid for an AR gathering@ to power down at 10pm.
Cops and professional infiltrators couldn't have done a better job in disrupting and wrecking the gathering. Sleep deprivation is used as a tactic by police at large activist events.

Ah Yes - The Fool Strikes again! - he has been throwing his weight about at POGO as well - so that will fail soon


Medawar said...

POGO explained!

Angel Alley takeover, take two, apparently.

Anonymous said...

The hunchback SHAC's Brendan "Bomber" McNally was seen slouching around in Conway Hall last night...traipsing about with a kettle in the hallway like something from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Who was the woman he was seen cuddling beside the computer behind poor Hannah's back while she prepared the food?
We don't think that SHAC's Brendan is all he makes himself out to be either. A fire in a department store that killed wild animals and birds living in the basemnt and on the roof.... he lives off of the reputation of being in the wrong place wrong time and taking credit for something that actually went wrong and was [so we are told] done by someone else.
A little bird told us that you bully Kerry too and let her get the blame for things you have done!

We are watching you very closely Brendan you two timing woman botherer. Especially as we know that you are slyly passing information to places that you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

The Fool : Anti-semitic?

What the hell are all these New World Order, David Icke, lizards, aliens and other anti Jewish conspiracy theories all about?
A European blogger wrote that Keith Mann has "gone mad". This is true enough. What's weirder still is that Tracey Rawlings wrote that people "need to see the bigger picture". What bigger picture? Is all the gobbedly gook coded alien talk referring to your hatred of Jews?
Do The Fool, Keith Mann and the rest of the shadowy SHACAPP all hate Jews?
Alan is regularly seen handing out anti Jewish conspiracy theory DVDs at big demos...
Are you are a front for a neo nazi group? David Ickes's other biggest fans are Combat 18.
Who was really behind the POGO take over?

Anonymous said...

Oy Vay!
Well, Column 88 helped the ALF take over Angel Alley, so it would be no surprise if they helped the ALF take over POGO.

It's a bit like Hitler helping Stalin take over Poland, then crying foul when Stalin went for Finland, too.

Anonymous said...

Ha, maybe the bigger picture is anything beyond the end of your street Mandy?

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject of Keith Mann, it must be obvious to all that he's in this for the money. He has clearly made thousands from the sale of his book and yet he has failed to donate any profits to sanctuaries or animal welfare. And now he's touting for money for the APP. I assume this will end up in his backpocket just like all the other 'donations' that come his way. It is also clear since he has been with his current partner, now wife (who has always cared more about herself than the animals), that he has lost total interest in animal rights, unless it's for his own gain.

Anonymous said...

Your intuition's out on that one mate!

Anti semitic was written by someone else.

POGO said...

The FOOL has it seems been given the bums rush from POGO - nobody wanted SHAC there and we have made clear they are not welcome

Anonymous said...

Alan was banned from SUMAC in Notts. He is still running POGO and has the bank book apparently.