Wednesday, March 24, 2010

View from the North.....

In UK news Luke Steele's latest money making idea SAEAB (Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford) seems to have been recognised as such by a number of Yorkshire AR people. As one activist in the area wrote,

"Dear Luke,

Would you please stop making these one-man-campaign announcements? You're seriously alienating the rest of the AR community in Yorkshire by going off on your own like this.... you could become a liability..... We all know that SAEAB is your personal vanity project so please will you start putting the animals before your own ego? "

Other Yorkshire area people knowing full well Luke's links to the Far Right have kept their distance from this unpleasant individual. Having had experience of Luke's offers to "look after the money" in the past a number of former SHAC people in the region are wisely keeping Luke well away from donations received.

No longer are people fooled by SHAC attempts to 'rebrand' and keep the cash flowing under a new name.

Of course many within SHAC still want to know who out of Cain and Luke Steele it was who gave info to the police in return for a lesser sentence last year. Care to share that with us Luke ?

New name - same old failure

Thanks Northern SHACWATCHER


Anonymous said...

A vegan cafe has opened in Camden. A TV plays at the rear all the time. On it is The Supreme Master Ching Hai who promotes animal rights [they say that people who eat animals and fish are KILLERS], environmental defence and : That some of us are ALIENS from MARS.

A chat show is played on the and disciples ask the Supreme Master Ching Hai : "Is it true that men came from Mars and mated with the Earth women?" The Supreme Master replied "Yes". She also said that on Mars they have no prisons, no animal cruelty and everyone loves everyone else. The SupremeMaster movement believes in practising Buddhism and that some of us are from Mars but live here on Earth.

They have giveaway DVDs, newsletters, leaflets etc. in the cafe.
News No. 166 says : "Help To Keep Our Spaceship Earth In A Powerful Position" and gives advice on "Vegetarian Diet In Space Voyage". There is information about growing your own vegetables ...on Mars.

If you disagree with them [the disciples]they will tell that you are unable to see The Truth, that you are mad or even that you are an ALIEN.

Is this where Keith Mann gets it from?

The cafe is called the Loving Hut and is on Plender Street in Camden Town, Camden London NW1.

The vegan food is eat as much as you want and pay what you like.

Medawar said...

The first time Mayfair had a vegan centrefold (back when Kenneth Bound was editor, years before Stephen Bleach and Paul Raymond took it to the bottom of the market), the caption-writer thought that "Vegan" was something to do with spaceships...

Anonymous said...

This sounds a bit like the suicide cults in California and Switzerland who topped themselves in order to hitch a ride on a spaceship that was supposedly shadowing a comet.

Does this mean we'll be shot of SHAC and the ALF the next time we get a big, well-publicized comet come past?

Medawar said...

There's a chain of "Loving Huts" if not exactly globally, in California at least.

Something is beginning to stir in Medawar's distant memories, of a pseudo-Hindu conman who founded his own town somewhere in the American west, complete with all-female police department in violet uniforms. Also had a big fleet of Rolls Royce motor cars.

Any connection between "Loving Hut", the ALF and the "Natural Law Foundation" who took over a girls school near Ampthill, after it had been needlessly (deliberately?) bankrupted by a property developer on the board of trustees. This is now their national headquarters.

There's an element of the religious cult about all stalking gangs, even the ones that do it for money.

Medawar said...


A lot of nuttery (not necessarily harmless) is organised from here, although they no longer run the "Natural Law Party" to contest elections in the UK.

Medawar is keenly interested in any information linking these people to AR (or any other) extremism. They use to court publicity, now they have gone very, very quiet (at least in their own name) and the once-open vista from the public highway to the house, an intrinsic part of its setting, has been planted with as many trees as possible.

Trees are good, but the architect's vision was for a vista to and from the house, flanked by trees, not for the house to disappear behind a small forest.

Anonymous said...

Luke Steele is left wing UAF. It's his brother that's in the right wing British Peoples Party.
What do they talk about when no one else is listening?
Trust neither of them. If anyone thinks that any of them can be trusted because the family funds SHAC then don't be fooled. The police often use benefactors and bank rollers as a tool to infiltrate. Most people won't believe that the people bank rolling extremist groups are the ones talking which is exactly why the police use them or plant them into groups. They did it with the IRA so what's to stop them doing it with animal rights? Talking of money where is Alexis Bathory getting so much cash from lately?
Are the young SHAC sqaundering donations just like the others did? That money is meant for the animals, not tattoos, drugs and clothes. It's time that the younger SHAC stopped putting donations up their noses. SHAC = Coke trough.