Friday, March 5, 2010

Hypocrisy free AR posters

A talented SHACWATCHER has sent some hypocrisy free AR posters - he takes their words, removes the lies a distortions and sends us the results - good job!


Anonymous said...

Very, very good.

Anonymous said...

As for hypocrisy..why did Brendan tell Miranda James to mind her own business when she tried to help a baby being used by Roma travellers as a begging tool? The bay was grey and floppy having been drugged with loads of Calpol to keep him alseep all day.
when Miranda intervened Brendan said :
"Mind your own business. It's got nothing to do with you. Get back on the demo, we don't want to start annoying people around here".
That's disgusting. Really low of Brendan and about as low as it goes.
Brendan, by doing this was willingly and knowingly contributing to child abuse..child abuse that could have led to that baby's death. But Brendan hates kids. He has no time for an innocent little baby who was dangerously drugged and used to make money. We are not surprised as Brendan is an abuser, pure and simple. Some people join animal rights because they don't like abuse of the defenceless. Others join becuase it gives them an excuse to inflict abuse and Brendan comes under that category.

Anonymous said...

Why are UK ALF activists sneaking off to Hilversum all of a sudden?

Returning to the scene of the crime,


or are they plotting another one?

Anonymous said...

they seem to be fighting themself alot of the time you done this you done that i done this etc its fucking hallarios they carnt get anything right

Anonymous said...

Why did Brendan try to hit Debz? Why did Brendan then tell everyone to say that he didn't even though they all saw him do it.

Are the rumours that Brendan hits Hannah true?

Hannah is a nice, lovely looking, decent, pleasant woman who can do a thousand times better than ugly mug Brendan.

Hannah is one of the peaceful progressive activists who actually do good things for the animals and animal rights which gets ruined when her lunatic, woman battering, raging crazy of a man behaves like he does. He is seen regularly losing control of himself on protests screaming at people.

Truely shocking behaviour from this middle aged old lout.

All anarcha feminists be aware...Brendan isn't cool, he isn't nice, he's a woman beating scoundrel who uses Hannah.

Anonymous said...

Is this you?


Medawar said...


Now, because Officer A was infiltrating violent anti-racist groups, The Guardian will see that as a bad thing, but without a doubt, some officer X, with a nicer haircut, was infiltrating the BNP at the same time.

This kind of thing is necessary: Medawar knows of one lady who's alive only because "the man in a pub" who her ex-partner contacted to arrange a contract killing, was an undercover policeman. Many of those people whom underworld sources see as reliable contacts in this regard, are undercover policemen and this saves numerous lives.

The idea is to make it all but impossible for anyone to be certain that it's safe to arrange a contract killing. This is a minority of all the murders in the UK, but it's the fraction of the problem that can be dealt with by clever tactics rather than overwhelming resources, which police do not have.

It's important to know that even when someone with a long criminal record is asked to recommend a hit-man, they probably don't actually know one, but will lose face if they admit that. So, undercover policemen who let it be known they do that sort of work, are a face-saving godsend to certain hardmen of very little brain.

The police may be very bad at dealing with stalking, but they generally do get murderers in the end and would-be users of contract killers tend to be rounded up at the beginning rather than the end. The Bible recommends that one should not even look at plans of murder and this is sound policy.

Especially when people are engaged in wild and ludicrous speculation as to their intended target's identity, as in the case of Medawar and Shacwatch.

Medawar said...

Medawar suspects that loonwatch is an American "tribute site" to Shacwatch rather than a spin-off: they use "UK" to mean University of Kentucky which no British person would ever do.

fomer SHAC person said...

During the recent Animal Rights Spring Gathering there was some interesting side discussions about SHAC and the current debate over infiltration. In the lead up to the gathering an undercover police officer was found to have been involved in the planning of the event. The officer was of course pushed out however a number of activist believed this was the direct result of the widespread infiltration of SHAC by either police or private security because the police undercover agent was originly vouched for by two SHAC people who have subsequently dropped out of the scene and are widely thought to have been cops as well.

One or two of the Veggies crew are very angry because it was now known the SUMAC centre was probably bugged as well which has compromised some of their work.

Once again it all comes back to SHAC

Anonymous said...

Is it true?

Is it true that Brendan stopped Jackie Lambert to drop out of Clint's court case then asked Kerry to take her place? This made Jackie look like a bitch, made her and Clint have a fight and then Brendan used this as an excuse to ban clint from AR demos and gatherings because Clint can see straight through Brendan and he knows it. Worse still Brendan banned CLint from the Costa Coffee chain of cafes. Does Brendan own Costa coffee?

London SHACWatcher said...

Fresh from the disaster that was the Spring National Animal Rights Gathering (numbers at an all time low, rubbish presentations, revelation about copper being in the set up team etc. etc) they have now called a Summer Gathering. Even the old timers realise that this event is well past it's sell by date as a result of....

Yes you have guessed it

The involvement of SHAC people. As was predicted by some once a few SHAC loonies got involved the inevitable happened.

1) the police quickly knew everything

2) the money was "held" in a special bank account

3) it failed

A lesson for everyone in AR work - don't let SHAc screw up your event