Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Pru your boyfriends back!

Poor old Pru - caught in Holland for foolishly attempting to destroy the Dutch ecosystem by releasing mink into it she spent some months in custody.

Her boyfriend Sven has now also been caught and brought back to Holland - never mind Pru the Dutch are quite liberal and may allow you to visit each other while your are serving your lengthy terms!

It's worth noting that this wouldn't be happening to you had you grown up and left the SHAC loonies to their dribbling and ranting!

Until ALL are caged - we don't care where.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago you bragged how anti-hunt campaigner would be convicted of murder. Strange you never followed up on the story. Could it be because it was proven in court that the hunters were actually involved in a criminal conspiracy to prevent a lawful action and went on to an active airfield. Strange your friend Otis fled the scene. Why is that?

Loving Dalston said...

Dear Shacwatch, Apologies for communicating this way but it's been a hard day's night (© Beatles) and I could not find your eddress. I don't understand the comment on my Loving Dalston news site "Good luck - with the FOOL on-board you are really going to need it!". If that's aimed at only those in the know, you are welcome to post it. If it is meant for a wider readership, do you want to add to it, either at or by emailing me and with any info on latest Pogo developments bcs I am finding the new (and old) regime not very informative. All I want to do is report the story. BTW, the incident in the Netherlands that you report seems horrendous. Just my opinion.

view from the North said...

In UK news Luke Steele's latest money making idea SAEAB (Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford) seems to have been recognised as such by a number of Yorkshire AR people. As one activist in the area wrote,

"Dear Luke,

Would you please stop making these one-man-campaign announcements? You're seriously alienating the rest of the AR community in Yorkshire by going off on your own like this.... you could become a liability..... We all know that SAEAB is your personal vanity project so please will you start putting the animals before your own ego? "

Other Yorkshire area people knowing full well Luke's links to the Far Right have kept their distance from this unpleasant individual. Having had experience of Luke's offers to "look after the money" in the past a number of former SHAC people in the region are wisely keeping Luke well away from donations received.

No longer are people fooled by SHAC attempts to 'rebrand' and keep the cash flowing under a new name.

Of course many within SHAC still want to know who out of Cain and Luke Steele it was who gave info to the police in return for a lesser sentence last year. Care to share that with us Luke ?

New name - same old failure

Anonymous said...

Pru can follow the example of Kevin Olliff, sell out your mates in return for a shorter jail time. Worked for others in SHAC a Luke ?

Anonymous said...

SHAC are disloyal.

First of all there was the fiasco with Natasha telling a SHAC supporter and fundraiser at a court case "Get your own solicitor, have you any idea how much our Barrister cost?"

Then we have the disgusting behaviour from Alan Buttle towards his own father. He tells anyone who will listen that his father "worked for MI5" and plasters photos of his family and where they live all over the internet. This is very different from someone admitting to a family member being the police who mostly wear uniforms, often live locally to where they work and are supposed to be seen.
MI5 are the Secret Police. They are secret for a variety of reasons and their identity is supposed to be secret forever. MI5 infiltrate truly dangerous and very real terror organisations such as Al Qaida, the IRA, UDA, UVF, Combat 18, feral youth gangs, major crime syndicates, the homes of crime families and so on. A member of the Adams family was said to be furious that MI5 was said to have entered and bugged his home. The bugging led to the man receiving a prison conviction of several years. Members of the IRA are serving life thanks to MI5.
In doing these things MI5 make deadly enemies. Why is Alan Buttle telling everyone including strangers that his father worked for MI5? Does he hate his father so much? Does he hope that someone will try to hurt him? The best and easiest way to do that is through Alan the sitting duck. We wouldn't like to see you go missing Alan. {Then again maybe we would}.
How can anyone trust someone so disloyal? If he can do this to his own father, his own fanmily, what do you think he will do to someone else?

The actions of the SHAC toffs are wrecking animal rights for the animals...maybe that's the idea? Does Alan secretly work for MI5? Can you trust him to tell the truth?

The mockney spoken SHAC toff Alan Buttle appears at Class War protests. He has been asked not to.
Alan : Living on a trust fund in a squat is NOT the same thing as being homeless and unemployed. We know that one youth gang have nicknamed Alan Buttle "The Son of Satan".

If anyone wants to find Alan Buttle, the mug, he's usually at POGOs Cafe, Clarence Road, Lower Clapton, Hackney. He loves telling people that it's on murder mile. Righty ho.

Anonymous said...

SHAC : More disloyalty.

SHAC have not minded the support of the BNP, British Peoples Party and National Front members when they have given SHAC money, support on protests and have had their names and political groups names bandied about to scare targets and opponents.

Then SHAC and Yorkshire AR saw fit to ask all these people to leave and arranged an anti Nick Griffin demo in Notts. [We suspect that BPP's Robin Steele finds the BNP too mainstream, he wears swastika t-shirts!].

They have no loyalty and use whoever they see fit to use and then dump those people.

If you really want the right wing out of your movement lose the Steeles.

Anonymous said...

Who wanted rid of Jon Procer? Why was toff Lia Amos trying to find out if he was going to the gathering in Nottingham moments before someone attempted to defame him and claim he is "National Front" on Indymedia? Was Lia Amos angry with Jon or was someone else behind trying to get rid of him?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the shooting of Dutch MP Pim Fortuyn by a Dutch animal rights activist that AR people find so funny.

The AR man who shot him claimed he "did it for the Muslims".

We've got news for you. Most Muslims whether Infidel, apostate, moderate or extreme will tell you the same thing : Veganism is going against Allah.

AR have scored an own goal there then.

Who's next, Geert Wilders? Possibly.

Anonymous said...

The anti-hunt campaigner was cleared of negligent manslaughter, because the Jury weren't allowed to know that there was a multiply-convicted terrorist and grave-robber, John Curtin, in the back seat, telling him what to do.

Their action was not lawful: they had been breaking the air navigation order (still the main legislation governing aviation in the UK, introduced as a stop-gap before WW2 and never made into a proper act of parliament (probably not enough money in it)) for weeks. Again, the CAA were apathetic in acting on this, until after someone was dead.

Mr Morse was not attacking the occupants of the gyrocopter, merely trying to ensure that they were identified so that their illegal flying could be reported.

Mr Curtin has, for many years, kept out of jail by getting others to break the law for him. He's also been "infiltrating" all kinds of innocent groups, such as the Henry Doubleday Research Association, in the hope of getting name and address information on its members for use in stalking.

Mr Morse is dead, Mr Griffith is perhaps a little wiser, and Mr Curtin will be grooming a new dupe to commit violence on his bhalf.

Anonymous said...


Wonder when he'll be back in Brentwood, to resume his hobby of accusing innocent glaziers of being Shacwatch or Medawar?

Medawar said...


Thanks be to SHAC!

Anonymous said...

News from California!

Two more to be caged.


There has been some interesting developments in the Netherlands that may or may not be linked to these events. On Tuesday 23rd of March some SHAC people decided to do some demos outside their usual sites, AstraZeneca, Sandos etc etc however when they were doing the usual banner waving and shouting through megaphones outside AstraZeneca in Zoetermeer (a commuter town for The Hague) one of the protestors was seen to briefly slip away and speak with a Dutch policeman nearby who was in a car with a French policeman. French uniformed police usualy only come to the Netherlands for drugs related cases and it was shortly after this meeting that a joint Dutch - French police team raided a squat close to the Aldo van Eijkpark community park. the very same squat that one of the SHAc people had stayed at the night before. six people were arrested, four Dutch, two French. Was this the price of the police not bothering the SHAC people during their demo ?

Anonymous said...

FYI Mr Morse was NOT "merely trying to ensure that they were identified so that their illegal flying could be reported." as the police found paper with the pilot's name and address on it in his car.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever actually believe that the motive was "helping Muslims" and not "helping mink"?

Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez said...

All through your blog you keep writing, "until all are caged."

Sorry, but there's no way to cage us all.

Keep writing. Your posts amuse me.


Well on your last 'national' you maaged 80 - I think that number could be accomodated!

Oh and don' worry - we will be here to keep you ammused for the forseable future - we have another couple of trials and some more caging to cover.