Friday, February 26, 2010

No Shit Sherlock!

London Shacwatcher said...
The disintergration of SHAC has started to manifest itself with two tactics of late. The first has been one that other SHACWATCHERS have seen, the creation of a new name for the same bunch of vegans to try and fool people that their cult is growing (West Yorks Animal Rights, Bradford Animal Rights etc etc)the second is to try and present events as some sort of victory for the AR movement despite quite obviously being nothing of the sort.

We saw this a little while ago where a group contacted a number of universities that do not do animal research, asked them to confirm they didn't and on that basis claimed it as a success. The latest bunch to try and fool people using this methodology is the so called Animal Liberation Investigation Unit which in reality is a pasty faced ALF reject with body odur issues and a rather troubled young woman who has never quite got over being dumped by a previous boyfriend.

This bunch of nutters, in their words "gained access to the former site of Yamanouchi Research Institute on Littlemore Park near Oxford" - in fact they walked into an empty building. They fully admit they know the company had moved when they said,

"We already knew the site no longer belonged to Yamanouchi or Astellas Pharma" but obviously thinking that the average AR supporter would not be able to put together 2 and 2 they stated,

"however are now in a position to confirm that animal experiments are no longer taking place at the former-YRI site. "

Well no shit Sherlock ! Using this thinking I am also able to confirm that car produciton is no longer taking place at the former Rover plant in Birmingham and that coal production has stopped at all the pits that have been shut !

One thing that they forgot to mention, the facility had closed because the company moved to a brand spanking new bigger facility, one that this bunch of vegans have been unable to discover the location off.


Anonymous said...

They are a very weird bunch that even other AR loonies think are a bit strange.

They did the visit a closed building thing as well at Buckston Browne Farm which is a collection of derelict buildings that has been defunct for ages since the Royal College of Surgeons moved their animal testing centre to the USA - for some reason they have claimed this as a victory as well.

Just Very Very Weird

Anonymous said...

"a pasty faced ALF reject with body odur issues"

Very funny and sadly accurate. Rejected by the ALF because as was said at the time,

"I'm not spending hours in the back of a van with that BO problem"

Anonymous said...

When will someone realise what Brendan is really doing? It was once said by Dan Wadham that "The fur people should be ashamed of themselves" and he was right. JJ from SHAC would refuse to go on the coach with them to demos...he would go on the train and described London Animal Rights meetings thus "It's like something from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". He also said that "SHAC are a bit cleverer than LAA"...
Now who pays Brendan to annoy AL Fayed and why? We know that AL Fayed has made claims that MI5 killed his son and Princess Diana. Lets face it they didn't want the future King of England's stepdad to be a Muslim shopkeeper now did they? He has been pariahed by the government and the Royal Family.
Why has Brendan been outside Harrods for so many YEARS? If you want them to stop selling fur then make them stop selling fur. Dan was right you should be ashamed of yourselves. There is more fur on the streets and in the shops than ever. When Hockleys responded to being targeted they fought back and Brendan ran away ..he suddenly stopped campaigning against them. What use is that? Brendan can bully girls in AR but when it comes to people like Hockleys...he runs off. As for Harrods we all know that AL Fayed has upset people and now he has a thorn in his side every week in the form of an AR protest which lets face isn't going anywhere fast. So whos's paying them? Oh and Brendan you shoould know that a LOT of people in AR call you "Hitler" and "Mugabe" find you abully and think you've "gone on the turn". You've never once shown your face at any demos at Mill Hill outside the NIMR. Why's that? At the time it was because you claimed that Clint was racist. Clint's not really part of the NIMR campaign so what's been your excuse all these years? Who pays you to annoy AL Fayed? Why don't you want your fur campaigns to actually succeed? What do you live on exactly? The fur campaign money? No wonder you want it to go on for as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Nazis. SHAC is funded by the mother of a neo nazi.

Anonymous said...

Urm, if Debbie Vincent has links to Inkerman surely they can find out who shacwatch is? How the hell did Adrian Radford get into the sha house? Who bugged the windowsills of the shachouse? Who are all the shacwatchers across AR giving info...who are all the police grasses? Surely this campaign has been so infiltrtaed that it's no longer a safe campaign to be in? Lets face it security is so crap..would you want to be on their mailing list? How can any of us trust them? While we are on the come key organisers and self identified spokespeople and organisers are all staying out of jail and not going to trial? I don't trust the ones that are left at all.

Anonymous said...

If Tiny Rowland still lived, we would indeed know who was paying Brendan to persecute Mr Al-Fayed! There is someone who pays a lot of extremist groups to persecute a lot of business rivals (and his ex-employees), and it's someone a bit richer, and older, than Mrs Steele.

Anonymous said...

Who wants Cancer Research UK out of the way?

Brendan is not what he seems and never has been. Anyone who gets close enough to realise what is going on is lied about, fitted up, bullied out of AR or walks away.

If you google search Brendan McNally you will see things like the newspaper article where Brendan who described himself as a "former friend" of Barry Horne joined in the protest outside where Barry was dying and said "not long to go now". Re read the bit where he says he was a former friend. Dave Blekinsop stopped speaking to Brendan. Why?

Brendan is afucking fake and it has never, ever been about the animals with him. Why are the leaflets handed out at fur demos have few details if any about the shop concerned but are always coupons with "send some money" to CAFT which is co run by Brendan? This by the way pays for Brendan's lifestyle. He has never worked and isn't [apparently] on benefits. So who or what pays for him to "run" AR? Anyone who believes the utter SHIT that AR is non hierarchical should try running a campaign themselves without the say so of these goons and see what happens...your windows will go in, youe home will be flooded, you might be raped or beaten up, maybe both or even in the case of a SHAC prostitute be murdered by a punter.
Animal lovers are being duped and what you're getting now is AR people, people who really do abhor the vivisection industry and the fur trade writing on shacwatch which should make people sit up and take notice. Much of what appears on shacwatch is now coming from within AR.

The fur campaign is a con. It will continue to be a con if animal lovers keep sending them money ands supporting a fake campaign. An AR person once said "We are nothing without them [Brendan and co] because they have all the power and we can't do anything without them". They have power because the rest of us give them money. It's all about dirty money at the end of the day..all of it. Don't give them any more money. If you want a fur shop to close then fucking close it down...just don't tell Brendan that you're doing it as the man's a fraudster. Emporers New Clothes and a God With Clay Feet spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Details of them

Animaliberation & Animal Liberation Investigation Unit
PO Box 38
Greater Manchester M60 1NX
Tel.: 01619534039

Food lover said...

It seems that SHAC France is up to the same tricks as the SHAC UK lot. Their repeated failure and their tactics are as boring as they are predictable.

SHAC France decided to mount a protest outside AstraZeneca (Yawn!)

They emailed and called activists in the Paris region with talk of a "big" demo.

Only seven losers turned up

They posted to the SHAC website claiming double that and then posted pictures showing quite clearly that there were less numbers than they claimed.

I'm not sure if it is the unhealthy vegan diet, the general stupidity of people involved with SHAC or just the inability to understand that doing the same thing time and time again with the same result (failure) is one of the signs of madness but whatever the reason it seems likely that SHAC in France is just as hopeless as their UK cousins.

What a bunch of vegans !

Anonymous said...

How does Kerry get all that time off work? The holidays? And you're myspace is so...well, shacwatch!

We think that Kerry is a shacwatcher...and that you work for a Swiss pharamceutical company.

Worse still we think that Brendan works for MI5 and that he knew all along that you were working for Novartis because he's corrupt.

Until all are free said...

We are really not that stupid SHACwatch trolls !

The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit which has been listed here and on other forums with its strange tactic of visiting derelict buildings that once housed animal research centres has already been identified by many of us as a set up organisation designed to lure new activists into activity that is a waste of time and identifies them to NECTU. A request to Indymedia to hide their posts is currently pending with the mods there.

Better luck next time

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in AR know all about Brendan and what he has had to do to maintain himself. Yes he has made mistakes, which of us has not? I agree that taking money from those who might be viewed as our enemies is troublesome but we have to see the big picture of animal rights and total liberation. If one bunch of Capitalists want to screw over another bunch - well good in my book ! And if they want to pay one of us to do it again good !

Brendan is still focused on the end game and if one of us was in the difficult financial position he has been in we may have made the same difficult choices he had to. It's very easy to judge others from a position of comfort.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people from the APP and another bunch of London Animal Rights people never make an appearance on shacwatch...despite going on shac demos!

Kerry Duggan, Alexis "Raven" Bathory, Miranda James, Tracy Rawlings, Simon, Claire extraordinary.

Lets face it shac is now being run by shacwatch. How fucking stupid you all are! Does Debbie Vincent KNOW who is shacwatch? Probably. Does he not care? Does Brendan not care who it is? Of course he does. London Animal Rights is being run by shacwatch...outsiders can see it...they know who the plants are. Stupid, stupid, animal rights people! Why did you let yourselves be taken over by an alien cult? Most people, sane people, would resist that. Most people, the non greedy ones would turn down the money...most people, the genuine AR people would never let a plant give them a blow job...but some people are so vain, so greedy, so eager for greatness, money and fame that they'll let anything happen and if that means letting people from HLS, Novartis and from MI5 in and letting them take over shac and London Animal rights with an alien cult then they will let this happen. How anyone can ever trust Brendan McNally, Keith Mann or Kerry Duggan ever again? I suppose this was what it had to take..proof that few of you are as you seem or as you should be and you don't give flying fuck about the animals if you can let your entire movement be taken over and corrupted. Lets face it if they chuck out all the shacwatchers there won't be anyone left in London Animal Rights / shac. Was Brendan ever really a genuine AR person? Funny how so much money can cause such DEDICATION and COMMITTMENT! Lets face it shac and London Animal Rights [same thing] are finished due to this. Thanks to Keith and Brendan and your vanity you fucking dickheads. As for the APP, you are evil, evil people.

Medawar said...

Medawar rather thinks that whoever "Kerry" is, she/he is innocent of being SHACWATCH, and is just another person that Phillip Beaven would like to see other AR people stalking.

It would be interesting to deduce which current leading AR personality is really the new identity adopted by David Berman aka Bernstein in the wake of the SAGE fraud. Chelmsford CID may have given up without a struggle, but Medawar is still looking.

Anonymous said...

shacwatch defending brendan?! ha! ha! ha!