Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It won't work SHAC

SHAC have been posting drunken rants on Indylies - trying to distract from their increasing failure - it won't work SHAC. You got less than 80 for a national demo. You got no coverage at all in the press. You have let your website fail and even Indylies are hiding your posts.

Oh and the next trial begins soon - two have already pleaded guilty - just like last time!


Medawar said...

They have managed to get their site back up.


And are rewarding the people of Sweden for hosting their site on Swedish soil, with the usual idiocy.

Medawar presumes that the man in the bunny costume is actually a police informer, as per historical custom?

Medawar said...

In case SHAC and other stalkers cannot understand why stalking is loathsome:


Anonymous said...

"ASTRAZENECA AND FORTRESS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN LONDON" screams the headline from SHAC's own website with pictures of the usual suspects standing around. Only one thing that we assume SHAC hoped we would not notice - these are from pictures from 2007 because the demo only had two people in attendance - naughty, naughty SHAC - did you think we would not notice ?

The reality is that a concerted campaign to increase the numbers at the London demos has falled flat with people at an all time low. Neither AstraZeneca or Fortress takes any notice and local residents know that the odd pair who do usualy turn up are gone in about half an hour.

Anonymous said...

"Who is the SHAC grass?" how many ways can I answer that? Don't you mean how mnay grasses are there in SHAC? While some people end up in jail for their involvement as SHAC / AR activists, there are others deeply involved with organising demos, running things and so on but they never get lifted. Funny that. Worse still we reckon they are fitting people up too while they ...get to keep all the money. Who put the listening devices in the SHAC house? How come certain SHAC people who have been around for years and years never, ever get done? Is it because they are handing people up, while trying to make out it's others doing it? I reckon so.

Anonymous said...

Re the SHAC grass

For some time SHAC people have claimed that Adrian Radford was the last of the SHAC infiltrators but that seems unlikely after the incident with Novartis and the emails together with a number of activists reporting details of conversations ending up with the police. The debate is which type of infiltrator do SHAC have:

1 police undercover - unlikely, they have all the evidence they need against them for convictions and Operations Achilles and later Tornado cleared out the leaders of SHAC and turned some of them.

2 Research company investigator - possible but then the days of the big SHAC demos are long gone and a few nutters and old biddies standing outside Astra Zeneca etc is no worry to anybody

3 Independent journo writing an article - again possible but the days when the "ALF" were a story are long gone and Radford's book will just about be the last on the subject.

4 Unhappy SHAC member. Probably the most likely. Anyone who has seen where the SHAC money went and cares about animals will have been outraged at the way it was spent. The houses, the cars, the clothes etc.