Monday, February 15, 2010

SHAC National Failure


These series of events at Bradford were leading up to an event on Saturday that had the dubious pleasure of speakers as recognised in the AR scene as Luke Steele, Amanda Richards, Debbie Vincent and Sean Kirtley. The local organisers had pushed this event as "a massive demo" with the usual round of emails and telephone calls to try and get people to attend. They really pulled out all the stops but despite this less than eighty people bothered to turn up for a boring shuffle through the area in the rain.

Amanda Richards from Speak Campaigns was without doubt the worst, a rambling justification of her own failure with a couple of the usual soundbites about Oxford University, the majority of the crowd wasn't even listening by the end.

SHAC's Debbie Vincent was to be blunt simply embarrasing and organisers of these events really need to consider if he/she should allowed near a microphone in the future, by the end even diehard SHAC supporters could be seen shuffling their feet and staring at the ground.

Being a SHAC event there was of course the usual attempt at violence toward the end but this was quickly dealt with by the local Bradford police. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Gilmore who would usualy attend big civil disturbance events didn't even bother to turn up such was the confidence the police had in low numbers for the event. Cleary they had inside knowledge.

The campaign must now return to the important task of writing the press release and deciding the reasons why this was a 'success'. This SHACWATCHER anticipates they will 1) inflate the numbers attending 2)lie about local support 3)blame the police for something.

Even after a change of name the stench of failure remains for anything which has links to SHAC.

Thanks for the accurate report SHACWATCHER - until all are caged

PS - Thanks for the hi res photo's Northern Indymedia - this link:-

Allows you to do an accurate head count - we get to about 77!


Medawar said...

The more they go on, the more they are digging their own graves.

Which is a refreshing change.

Anonymous said...

Less than 80 people for a hyped demo is just terrible for the AR movement. Shows how groups like SHAC have lost so much credibility.

bradford student said...

This has been a very confusing campaign for some time, it has near zero support among the student body and the local population. The rather odd 70 or 80 people who marched through the town and campus were ignored by students and local residents alike and were obviously out of town supporters who had been bused in to make up numbers. The university research centre is a world class research facility with an outstanding reputation and the lies being told about it by this group were all shown to be false some months ago.

Anonymous said...

Northern shacwatcher is spot on regarding Amanda Richards' speech. The organisers must be regretting the day they invited her to speak, I heard a number of people talking about it later that evening in a nearby pub. They were suggesting that her expenses had been paid and that she should give the money back !

Former SHAC supporter said...

Interesting comment by the Shacwatcher there that the police had "inside knowledge" of the numbers. This certainly seems to be true when we see how few police were deployed for this march. With the recent revelation that the National Animal Rights Spring Gathering has had a cop sitting on the organising committe for some months we can assume that this event too is compromised. The question that is being asked all over the animal rights movement and in particular among ALF activist - who is the known but not identified SHAC grass ?

For some time SHAC people have claimed that Adrian Radford was the last of the SHAC infiltrators but that seems unlikely after the incident with Novartis and the emails together with a number of activists reporting details of conversations ending up with the police. The debate is which type of infiltrator do SHAC have:

1 police undercover - unlikely, they have all the evidence they need against them for convictions and Operations Achilles and later Tornado cleared out the leaders of SHAC and turned some of them.

2 Research company investigator - possible but then the days of the big SHAC demos are long gone and a few nutters and old biddies standing outside Astra Zeneca etc is no worry to anybody

3 Independent journo writing an article - again possible but the days when the "ALF" were a story are long gone and Radford's book will just about be the last on the subject.

4 Unhappy SHAC member. Probably the most likely. Anyone who has seen where the SHAC money went and cares about animals will have been outraged at the way it was spent. The houses, the cars, the clothes etc.

Perhaps Greg's famous influence over the ladies has resulted in the infamous 'woman scorned' ?

Anonymous said...

SHAC website closed down !

Anonymous said...

will the last one out the shac office please remember to turn off the lights !!.


Shac, having no website of thier own to write on are all very excited about SHACWATCH covering Bradford.
No why would we do that?
Well - Luke Steel is orgnaising it - he is the leader of SHAC youth failure.
Who spoke? - Debbie - current leader of SHAC (all others in jail)

We have said time and time again SHAC you don't fool us by changing your name. Nor are we fooled into thinking there are more of you because you invent new protest groups every week.

Medawar said...


for a prize example of SHAC denying reality and the stupidity of its own bizarre actions

Anonymous said...

If you tell SHAC who the grasses are etc they won't care. They get money from these people [!] and if they chucked them all out there wouldn't be mnay left, if any, for the demos. They let Adrian Radford into the SHAC house, they know that people are writing shacwatch but hey ..they don't fucking care. Would you want to join a campaign that cares so very little about the people in it, that go on demos and help them?

Anonymous said...

Hi working for Novartis? I think that you are.