Wednesday, February 24, 2010

APP - don't blame us!

There has been another load of lunatic post on Indylies - this time about the Animal Protection party:-

This is an example:-

Keith Mann has changed beyond all recognition since joing the APP or SPEAK Political. He has aired dirty laundry and made false accusations against other AR people in public. He is not at the top of the animal rights pryamid as has been claimed on Wikipedia. He wrote that himself on Wikipedia. He emailed a lot of lies about an innocent person publicly to hundreds of strangers via Facebook. This was then aired in public on Indymedia and Keith was shown up to be a liar. He has an unhealthy obssession with aliens, David Icke and conspiracy theories. He has become an embarassment to AR.

SPEAK Political are mostly very odd people who have spread all sorts of misinformation since their arrival into AR. They are believed by many to be a private investigation firm who are out to get AR people and who's members have described Bradford animal testing labs as "world class research facilities".

What's even worse is that some of the people in the APP hate Keith with a passion.

The whole APP fiasco has been a disaster from beginning to end.

We will answer Steve Discombe : If NETCU are saying that the APP are nothing to do with you then that's what you are saying. We think that the APP are hired by a private investigation company who are out to get AR people on behalf of the Medical Research Council.

Why are the APP saying they are nothing to do with SHAC? Most of the APP go on SHAC demos. Why disassociate yourselves from SHAC like this? Why stand against AC? The APP are causing division and are not genuine AR people. There is something wrong with the APP.

Thing is SHACWATCH is getting blamed for these posts - we have news for you SHAC - it's not us. It's other, deranged, AR nutters that don't like you!

No real surprise though - disgust for you and your activities is pretty universal.


Anonymous said...

Shacwatch is Mental Miranda James and Tracey Fatso Rawlings.


Not even warm!

Anonymous said...

How long before Mr Beaven accuses Shacwatch of living somewhere East of Lowerstoft?

Medawar said...

Can anyone remember quite when SHAC started to attack Novartis? Was it quite early on in the campaign?

Medawar has been told of a somewhat warped millionaire who might have PAID to have Novartis targeted, and there are some people in SHAC (and in jail), who will, very famously, do anything for money.

Given that SHAC's anti-Novartis campaign including a grave-robbery in Switzerland, as well as a huge arson in Austria, the idea that they might have been paid for this is fascinating.


Yes - it's all about the cash with SHAC - tell us more!

London Shacwatcher said...

The disintergration of SHAC has started to manifest itself with two tactics of late. The first has been one that other SHACWATCHERS have seen, the creation of a new name for the same bunch of vegans to try and fool people that their cult is growing (West Yorks Animal Rights, Bradford Animal Rights etc etc)the second is to try and present events as some sort of victory for the AR movement despite quite obviously being nothing of the sort.

We saw this a little while ago where a group contacted a number of universities that do not do animal research, asked them to confirm they didn't and on that basis claimed it as a success. The latest bunch to try and fool people using this methodology is the so called Animal Liberation Investigation Unit which in reality is a pasty faced ALF reject with body odur issues and a rather troubled young woman who has never quite got over being dumped by a previous boyfriend.

This bunch of nutters, in their words "gained access to the former site of Yamanouchi Research Institute on Littlemore Park near Oxford" - in fact they walked into an empty building. They fully admit they know the company had moved when they said,

"We already knew the site no longer belonged to Yamanouchi or Astellas Pharma" but obviously thinking that the average AR supporter would not be able to put together 2 and 2 they stated,

"however are now in a position to confirm that animal experiments are no longer taking place at the former-YRI site. "

Well no shit Sherlock ! Using this thinking I am also able to confirm that car produciton is no longer taking place at the former Rover plant in Birmingham and that coal production has stopped at all the pits that have been shut !

One thing that they forgot to mention, the facility had closed because the company moved to a brand spanking new bigger facility, one that this bunch of vegans have been unable to discover the location off.

Anonymous said...

What does Brendan live on? Is it the fur campaign money? No closer to stopping them selling fur then at Harrods Brendan? When activists HAVE come to close to stopping the Harrods fur trade Brendan stops them. Why is that Brendan? Is it because you depend on Harrods fur campaign for your income? What do you live on? Money meant for the animals, that's what.

Anonymous said...

Animal Lover are giving money for animals. Guess what it pays fro? Brendan's lifestyle and home.

Anonymous said...


You KNOW that's what it's about. Come on own up!

What the f*** is happening with the GeT CaNCeR ReSeaRch uK campaign from the ApP?

iS thIs tHe eNd fOr aR? i MeAn rEaLly?

As for Brendan is he behind or has he been paying for and party to slander and smear campaigns against other AR activists? Why did Keith tell all those lies about Rolanda? Why send them out publicly to all those people? Do all the "Good People From AR" still support Keith despite his doing this, lying about an innocent woman? He was proven to be a liar but there are still people [with a vested fininacial interest probably] who support this man and have not spoken out against his attacks on an innocent person.
This is about money all of it. Wake the fuck up and smell the fucking coffee.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a growing number of people are onto the fakes...and that the self styled leaders are collecting enemies rapidly..from within AR. Why are the APP telling fibs about Animals Count? Why are the APP saying that Animals Count have adopted their policies when that is blatant rubbish? Animals Count were around long before the APP. Why have the APP decided to stand against Animals Count? Is it because the APP are not AR? Is it money? Are only the self styled furhrers allowed to campaign? I'll tell you what else won't wash either...every time someone stands up to the AR self styled "leaders" or sees through them or cottons onto them they claim that person is a "dangerous fantasist" or "mental". The "top level of AR" stalk and harass their own supporters and members. Why demand that any problems are "resolved behind closed doors" if you have nothing to hide? The general unsuspecting public are giving you money in good faith in the mistaken belief that you are real, genuine people who care about animals. What much of AR is unfortunately is fake, sham and fraud. The "leaders" of AR are gangsters, [not to be confused with The Chaps], and we here know that at least one of your sham outfits are involved animal breeders and that you make money out of that.

Anonymous said...

London Animal Rights deliberate failure? After all, if you win you'll be out of a fucking job innit?
Zippos Circus, still open.
London Zoo, dirty stinking animal prison, still open.
Harrods, still selling fur.

On and on it goes. why do the younger ones look up to Brendan? He's a sham. It's all about the money isn't it? Could be that there's areason too why they don't actually even try to stop lab parks being built...because there's an awful lot of money to be made fighting them once they're open isn't there? But you know what these "AR" people aren't AR at all. They are paid shills and saboteurs against AR [depending on what you mean by AR, we mean the real AR.]
Who grassed on and fitted up Mel Broghton? Someone close to him did.
Funny how the people who think that it's OK to attack innocent people across the internet and cause trouble don't like it when the tables are turned and people do it back. how many more people will you accuse of being "mental" dangerous fantasist" when they realise what you're really at? Many of you in reality don't give a shit about the animals, not really, you only care about how much money you can get your grubby hands on. Not before long you will all be exposed for who and what you really are...and become a fading memory lingering in the shadows of greed.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Keith Mann's wife has faked all those illnesses? Wasn't his last girlfriend very ill too? Could it be possible that he has Munchausens By Proxy Syndrome? Just a thought...

Medawar said...

Re: Mrs Keith Mann.

It really is a thought!
Perhaps her GP or hospital consultant should think outside the box and have a hair sample tested the next time she's seen, to check what her chemical environment has been like for the preceding three months or so?

Some ALFs stalk with toxic chemicals, against victims who don't understand why they are always tired an ill, so an ALF leader like Mann undoubtedly could access the necessary materials and expertise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, drink spiking seems to be preferred method by the APP and it's not just leading people to be feeling tired or ill...drink spiking is used to discredit people ie get them to make a fool of themselves in public, in a party or at a pub so that they don't know what they are doing and behave in a way that is totally out of character. It's called poisoning and date rape by normal people but is called an "education programme" by the Animal Protection Party led by Keith Mann. AR have even spiked somone's soya milk once with a psychoactive substance leading to that person feeling disoriented and paranoid while the people behind it just laughed and accused the person of being mad. One of their nastier tricks is this that was let slip : "Just buy a load of crack and get people, kids and stuff to do things". This was one of their ways of trying to get a rival in AR out of the way. They continued along these lines when they asked a goon to threaten an AR rival with "death by crack overdose made to look like suicide". How disgusting is that?
The links to the bottom echelon of organised crime are coming out now. Hired goons who said "people have to make ends meet somehow" have owned up to working for people in AR when carrying out attacks on other AR people who are seen as a threat.

One day these fakes like Brendan and Keith Mann will have picked on people who will fight back or will turn the tables...and Brendan and Keith will expose themselves while they are at it and it looks like that may of already happened. The whole AR charade is linked to organised crime and is rotten to the core. NONE of it is about the animals and never was. Try asking Brendan to get in his van and pick up a rescued cat who needs rehoming and see what he money in that you see...not worth getting off your arse for is ist..a rescued cat?

As for some of the lovely people on the London Animal Rights scene...Clare Louise Palmer hates having animals in the house and complained when rescued dogs came to stay. She didn't want dogs in the house. Strange attitude for an AR person! It's interesting to see that people with links to Brendan and Keith etc are behind the scenes making up things about Animals Count...claiming that Alex Bourke was a sex pest and a stalker when he wasn't. This is what the corrupt ones in AR do...stalk people, sexually abuse people etc then claim that their victims are "mad". How many more "dangerous fantasists" amd "mad people" victimised by London Animal Rights / SHAC [same thing] are there? Every time someone works out what is going on AR accuses them of being all sorts of things and ostracises people. Time to do it back and have some real AR actually do something for the animals without it being a paid for contract. That's what much of AR is about, contracts. Furriers pay Brendan to annoy other furriers. Now there's a nasty little truth that he thought would never come out!

Oh and what's between SHAC and David Sainsbury...?

Medawar said...

With regard to stalking for cash:

Anonymous: the comments page is open to further revelations!

Anonymous said...

Shacwatchers might want to contact Maxine in Cambridgeshire on +44 7906 880036 for more details of where SHAC has its money. I'm sure she will also be hapy to confirm what percentage she takes for "expenses" when she organises the demos at the HLS headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kerry

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is here with further revelations :

There are more than one of you and if London Animal Rights and shac let you all in like this then they fucking deserve you. It's likely that they knew so that should tell everyone something about both groups [who are the same thing anyway]. As for all those really obvious shacwatch posts defending the APP...ahem!

Trouble with the upper middle classes is that you just can't trust them! What sort of prat let themselves be taken in by all this ALIEN crap? Mind you there's money in cults so who knows what's really going on

Oh and it hasn't gone unnoticed that a particular comment went un printed. Very telling. Very, very telling! ; )

Anonymous said...

Yes, what kind of prats do go along with all the NWO, illuminati alien lizard crap? And why? Keith sounds like a total idiot these days but still LAA/APP hang on to his every word. Understandable that Tracey Rawlings wants him to front APP as she's been obsessing about him for years with her school-girl crush, but why the others? And why have Keith and Brendan fallen out big time? Word is they hate each other. Why? Who sussed out who first?

Anonymous said...

Dunno, but what sort of horrible person ie Ketie Johns goes along with the Claire Plamer Chinese whispers campaign about Alex Bourke?

Who for?

shacwatch of course!

Anonymous said...

No Tracey Rawlings did not have a crush on Keith Mann [unless she sat on him...], there's something else going on. Why he went along with it? Money maybe. Probably.

As for all the alien lizard crap...tried and tested govt brainwashing. When you try and push them out the shacwatchers will screech "Divide and Rule"! "Divide and Rule and Conquer"!

Go tell that to the fucking aliens.

As for Brendan yes, he has been paid by capitalists to fuck up "other capitalists" [shac] and yes he will do it again.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and Miranda's hate for the Pope and the fact that the Pope banned Novartis off of Pope Radio hasn't gone un noticed!