Monday, February 8, 2010

Were is SHAC?

Anybody seen them? The retard Steele is making an incompetent noise in the north - Cambridge has what appears to be a group of octogenarians hanging about Boots and Sussex has a couple of confused 'wimmin' who are or are not SHAC.

So where are they? Is this the way it ends - not even a whimper!

Pathetic really


Medawar said...

A mad person from Essex is posting comments on Indymedia etc. as "The Real Medawar" perhaps he/she is one of them.

Certainly not me.

Anonymous said...

No SHAC will not 'end' in the way we would hope - public announcement, press release etc because that would upset the small amount of money that still comes in via the street collections and the odd nutter who still maintians a Standing Order. Rather SHAC will drift into obscurity with just one or two of the weidos we have seen here waving old banners outside Air Conditioning firms etc trying to pretend it's still a movement. I guess when the leaders are released there will be an attempt to get things going again because Gregg and the rest rely on SHAC for their income but that's about it.

SHAC promised a lot at the start but the roll call of failure, ruined lives, groomed / discarded teenagers, wasted money and zero achievement should be a lesson to any organisation that achieving change in the political arena is not done through violence, intimidation or threats.

SHAC failed because in the end their message although commendable was lost amongst the egos of those at the top and the money making opportunity that SHAC became for a small number.

Medawar said...

The petitions matter, as well as the collecting tins.

It turns out that the Canadian extremist group, the "Squamish Five", used to circulate petitions at protests, for people to sign. Trouble is, the group was controlled by a "businessman" who also acted as a volunteer RCMP/CSIS agent, entirely to further his own interests rather than those of Canada and the Crown.

He used to harvest the names and addresses from the petitions, knowing from the fact that they signed it, that they disagreed with his views and therefore he despised them!

He would then recycle these identities, not to clone the victim's own bank accounts, but to obtain or duplicate passports in those names, to be given to his criminal associates when traveling abroad to set up bank accounts on his behalf. Not only was he laying a false trail away from his henchmen and himself, he was laying that false trail all the way to the doors of real people, who held views he didn't like.

People this Canadian "businessman" equipped with passports cloned from petition-signers identities, included one of the ringleaders in the plot to bomb Air India Flight 182.

So, ANYONE signing a petition at a demo of almost any kind, is running the risk of something far worse than their accounts being emptied: they might find their identity used in a Mafia or Terrorist money trail, or, worse still, directly in a terrorist act.

Given that our extradition laws allow for no argument in the UK courts when the FBI or Homeland Security get the wrong end of the stick, this could wreck blameless lives. It is intended to.

Anonymous said...

Useless, useless hippie tossers!

Medawar said...


Excitement in Boat Lane, and nothing to do with Lynn for a change!

There is something uniquely contemptible about someone who attempts suicide and tries to take children with him. Right down there with Jonny Ablewhite and SHAC's unknown Swiss Grave Robber.

Laughing at SHAC said...

SHAC try "rebranding" and fail again.

Increasingly regional groupings of SHAC having seen their support collapse are trying to rebrand themselves with a new name, regretfully the old incompotence remains so no great surprise to see these new campaigns fail as well.
The latest of these sorry groups is SAEAB who under a couple of other names have featured on SHACWATCH before. Despite their best attempts to seem otherwise the reality of SAEB is a hard core of four vegans with some camp followers willing to turn out for the odd days banner waving and shouting.

Their most recent action was to contact Loughborough University to call on them to stop animal testing, the university doesn't do animal testing and let the group know. As a result of this SAEB decided this was a victory ???

A couple of days previously they had once again had a day out at Bradford University, they first visited Yorkshire Forward (an academic funding group ) but got ignored so they pushed off to the university itself. During registration they confused a number of new students with some incoherent shouting before again shuffling off to the bemused laughs of the staff and students.

The final humiliation for them was a mini bus tour of other parts of the campus where once again they were met with derisive laughter and much finger pointing by staff and students alike.

Alex a new student at Bradford spoke for many when he said,

"We don't really understand what they were shouting about, some people thought they were drunk, I had assumed it was a stunt to raise money for Haiti either way it was very confusing trying to work out what they wanted "

More SHAC failure
New name - old result

Anonymous said...

Where is SHAC ? Up to its old tricks running a money making scam once again.

Coming up soon is the World Day for Animals in Laboratories and a SHAC front group called West Midlands Animal Action has set up a nice little scam for coach transport that will see them earn over £500 from supporters, they do this by charging £14 per seat on their coach, the coach seats 57 people so total revenue £798. Cost of renting the coach for SHAC £220 - nice little earner for SHAC of £578. Questions as to where the money is going have met with silence from West Midlands Animal Action although perhaps John Curtin could help ?

Medawar said...

Now, a perfect illustration of what Medawar meant over signing petitions and identity theft for false passports:

Nice one, Cyril!