Friday, February 5, 2010

Shock Shac revalation - Lynn can read!

I know many of you have assumed that Lynn's bizarre and anti social behaviour could be put down to a poor upbringing and alcoholism but a shocking new revelation may make you think again.

Lynn can READ!

Yes - I know that this means she has no excuse for her startling ignorance and predation of youngsters but facts are facts.

Lynn – too ashamed to post under her own name has written a little piece about a police manual – she is upset as it lists her as an extremist and even worse the manual is published by Oxford University!
Lynn has friends in prison for failing to prevent the building of an animal house at Oxford!

So much failure surrounding such a worthless individual – karma or somthing else?.


Eric the Red said...

Perhaps she could offer advice to SHAC Sweden in how to read a telephone directory ?

Anonymous said...

what she can read swedish!