Friday, December 4, 2009

ASBO failure

The cheek of them!

The main guilty ringleaders of the failed conspiracy went back to court to challenge the very fair liftime ASBO's they had been awarded when they were convicted.

They FAILED - again!

The judges did award Gavin a 5 year ASBO instead of life in honour of all the assistance he gave to the prosecution - well done Gavin - pity you will be the last out.

Justice is done and is seen to be done.


Ben said...

It seems that giving assistance to the police does result in reduced prison time and asbo time for shac people, not something I am comfortable with. I understand and appreciate that this assistance has resulted in extra arrests, which of course I support but the basic principle seems wrong to me, they did what they did and they should pay for it.

If anybody wants to see a SHAC free Indymedia by the way, take a look at London Indymedia where shac is banned.



Medawar said...

Somebody called "ARC" who may be an animal rights editor, says that as good citizens we have a duty to report any neo-nazis in the AR movement, to whatever AR group they are part of. (Be jolly careful about sending anything AR doesn't like directly to an AR server from your own computer, chaps, and review/edit EXIF data from any jpegs sent as proof, first.)

ARC's comment on Medawar's blog:
ARC said...

“I personally have no objection to hunting provided those who participate are prepared to eat what they kill.”- Troy Southgate

Quote from Synthesis Editor Troy Southgate Interviewed by Wayne John Sturgeon, accessed on 07/12/09

Southgate is not an animal rights activist then, but simply someone with an opposition to modern industrialism (including farming and research). Clearly Southgate doesn't believe in the concept of animal rights.

As for your wider point regarding fascists in animal rights you may (or may not) have a point. However they are not tolerated in animal rights groups (if their fascist connections are known to the group). Therefore if you are truly concerned about any fascist in the animal rights movement today please contact the relevant group with proof of any members fascist connections and they will be ejected.

ARC denies that Southgate is AR, well, Mr Southgate has been pretty prominent at a lot of AR demos, has intimidated lab workers and is very opposed to animal research, admittedly not solely on AR grounds as he also appears to regard science as "arrogance".

Perhaps best post evidence of neo-nazi ALFs here, or on appropriate bowls of Medawar's Cornflakes, and perhaps ARC can pick it up from there and institute formal proceedings in the Kanagaroo Court.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the London Indymedia site that has banned SHAC, the new Northern Indymedia that serves the Yorkshire, Cheshire etc region has done the same.

The main Indymedia site has a couple of SHAC supporters among the editorial team so it's unlikely they will be doing the same anytime soon however it is good to see that progressive media has wised up to the SHAC nutcases and blocked them from sites that frankly have far more important things to cover.

Bolly said...

I think the majority of shac people in prison have now realised the term benefits of providing the police with information. The reductions offered are a strong temptation to those who realise they have been quickly abandoned by the shac leadership once they are banged up and can no longer contribute to the money raising operation