Thursday, December 17, 2009

More lies by SHAC

An email sent to a number of SHAC people (and forwarded to this SHACWATCHER by one of them) has mentioned that SHACWATCH looks at the photos on the SHAC website to see how many people turn up for the demos.

The email suggests that photos are no longer used and the report should 'estimate' the number of protestors.

There has been widespread embarrassment for some time at the declining number of protests and the number of protestors turning up to them, clearly some within SHAC think this can be dealt with by lying.

Keep it up SHACWATCH, it seems that you have them on the run.


Anonymous said...

Desperate emails sent last night (UK time) by SHAC people to others pleading with them to be more careful because SHACWATCH now can read their communicaiton !

Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

Can't say as I am surprised. The declining numbers of people turning up for these events has been obvious for some time and SHAC's own photos of the actions only reinforce that.

Anonymous said...

the new year will see the collapse of shac , to make way for a full legal group to take its place .