Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Lewis Guilty on all charges - update on sentences when we have it!

This won't end until you do SHAC - until ALL are caged.


Medawar said...

There are some left at large.

Anonymous said...

There can't be many left at large. Most of the 3 dozen core activists have been sent down now. Very little threat from these wannabes now.

Medawar said...

There's still a handful in the Bedford area, not sure if core SHAC but certainly ALF and active against an often perplexing range of victims. Some activities extremely bizarre.

It's possible that these are simply vocational stalkers who support SHAC and Bedford Animal Action because one excuse for stalking is as good as another.

Anonymous said...

With a few more likely to be caged soon this campaign will run out of steam in the new year.shacwathers keep the pressure on .

Medawar said...

The ones that are still out and running around are, interestingly, still grimly determined to disparage any link between the AR movement and the Neo-Nazis. ("Neo Nazi" scarcely does Troy Southgate justice: he's further up the pole than Hitler.)

They protest too much, and give the firm impression that this particular shaft:


went very, very close to home.

Anonymous said...

The ones that are still around are very very dangerous. Personally I'm fed up that the police don't take more action to stop these terrorists. They seem to be able to act with impunity

Anonymous said...

Medawar raises an interesting point with regard to the links between AR and the Far Right. The Nazi lovers have always being sympathetic to AR on the basis that Hitler was so they must be (the Far Right shares the mental ability of the average SHAC supporter) but now that the old leadership of SHAC and their immediate camp followers are either in gaol or tagged then perhaps it is likely that only the Nazi nutters are left. Certainly in the North of England this has been the case with some groups who while claiming to be Animal Rights focused are little more than offshoots of Combat 18 or at the very least the BNP/EDL.

SHAC may well be desperate for funds and people these days but cosying up to the scum of the political far right is low even by their standards. I wonder if this gets much of a mention on the street stalls, perhaps it should ?

Medawar said...

Medawar is working on something that will allow a bit of light to be shed on extremists from one camp, joining another, either for cover or to manipulate the second group and exploit its success. (SHAC may be safe for a while...)

Will post a link here when it's fit to be seen, then shacwatchers can leave comments about nutters from one group infiltrating another and so on. Not confined to the Neo Nazis and AR (by Heaven, the ALF don't half post to Medawar's blog decrying this!) but definitely including this.

Medawar thinks it's also going to be interesting to see if there's any relationship between AR groups, especially the supposedly "moderate" ones, and something called "Common Purpose", the purpose of which seems to be to get its tentacles into everything. CP is not neo-nazi; it's sort of Stalinist with a touchy-feely face.

To make it scientific, there will be lots of choices other than AR and the neo nazis. Not just to make the results look more valid, but because there may actually be something waiting to be discovered with some of the other extremists and AR.

Medawar also wants to know about organized crime and AR, (Dick Francis hints there's something there in one of his novels) but this needs to be very carefully done, so as not to encourage anyone to put themselves at risk by posting comments.