Friday, December 11, 2009

SHAC can visit PRU!

Good news - SHAC are now allowed to visit Pru - in jail.

This is good practice as she will be there quite a lot from now on - she won't be lonely though as the Dutch police seem to be nicking all of Dutch SHAC and caging them - gives a whole new meaning to it will all be over by Xmas.

Merry Xmas Pru, get used to the Dutch vegan prison food - and remember ,this is your own fault - deal with SHAC, go to jail!


Anonymous said...

the dutch prison system, dont know whay vegan food is , soory .

Anonymous said...

Yet another result for the police infiltration of SHAC, the same infiltration that SHAC has pretended is not happening for some months now.

NECTU has got the big boys and now it's working it's way through the foot soldiers.

Just a thought, all these arrests and yet still Lynn is allowed to go free - funny that :-)

Lynn Sawyers Vodka Supplier said...

Friday 11th of December saw a new low in SHAC demos, a big call out and email request for people to attend demos outside AstraZeneca and Fortress in London saw a pitiful four people turn up. The entire event's failure was compounded by complete indifference from both organisations. SHAC is now such a disaster that those who it protests against now know they can safely ignore them.

Certain SHAC individuals in London (Paul, Sarah etc) claimed that there would be "at least 50, maybe more" at this event and that "AstraZeneca would be closed for the day". The reality was of course very different as it always is. This shacwatcher wonders how long it will take SHAC to understand that its former supporters left because they got sick of being lied to ?

Anonymous said...

" Just a thought, all these arrests and yet still Lynn is allowed to go free - funny that :-) "

Not that funny really for those who realised too late how some in the AR / SHAC / ALF world supliment their income.