Monday, December 21, 2009

End of Year Report

Well it's Xmas and as sure as Debz has stubble in the morning - SHAC have failed again!

Lets Round up:-

HLS - still open - refinanced and have dug the footings for their expansion in the spring.

SHAC activists in prision on long term sentances - 11

SHAC activist to go to prision in 2010 - Pogson, Potter, Neal,Harris, Tapping,Organ and Whitehead - again!

Well done SHAC enjoy your HMPS nut cutlets and know that you will be eating it next year - in the same place.

Merry Xmas SHAC

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Anonymous said...

Talking of failure.....

The National Animal Rights Spring Gathering is due between the 12th March and the 14th March. Last year the numbers were at an all time low with SHAC one of the reasons for this as people rejected the policies of illegal actions realising that they do not work (see Sequani, HLS etc etc) and as a consequence didn't bother to attend.

The police of course have full knowledge of who attends and what is said through their "friends" in the organising commitee which helps with future arrests.