Monday, December 14, 2009

Another SHACWATCHER post

Friday 11th of December saw a new low in SHAC demos, a big call out and email request for people to attend demos outside AstraZeneca and Fortress in London saw a pitiful four people turn up.
The entire event's failure was compounded by complete indifference from both organisations. SHAC is now such a disaster that those who it protests against now know they can safely ignore them.Certain SHAC individuals in London (Paul, Sarah etc) claimed that there would be "at least 50, maybe more" at this event and that "AstraZeneca would be closed for the day".
The reality was of course very different as it always is.
This shacwatcher wonders how long it will take SHAC to understand that its former supporters left because they got sick of being lied to ?

Thanks for the report - keep em rolling in.

Until ALL are caged.


Anonymous said...

The Shac demos against Astra Zeneca in London are more than a little sad and illustrate very well how Shac has imploded.

I remember when demos of this sort had loads of people attending but this foursome now represent the rump, the remains, the rats that will not leave the sinking ship. Astra Zeneca doesn't even bother with getting extra security any more as it once did and the famous emails that used to warn staff of a demo and offering advice where discontinued months ago.

I assume that once individuals started checking up on the truth behind the work that AZ does rather than the same old Shac lies they were less inclined to protest against them, it's the problem that is affecting AR groups all over the UK. People check their information and discover that Shac is not reliable.

Shac is petrified of facts as their emotive, "look at the fluffy bunny" message always fails when real scientific research is done.

What a sad, lonely bunch of vegans !

Anonymous said...

Things are going from bad to worse for SHAC demos. On the 11th of December the rather curious bunch that is the Sussex SHAC chapter tried to mount a demo outside Novatis. In a patern that's becoming familier only four turned up and calls for more support fell on deaf ears. The Sussex group have been shunned by other AR people in the area for some time because the Novatis and other demos they have tried to mount in the region only last a little while and tend to be somewhat pathetic. Another demo of theirs a few months ago resulted in local people thinking they were a homeless group looking for a handout.

Bless !

Never mind the important thing now for all SHAC demos is the same, turn up long enough for one of the group to take a picture, post said picture to shac website claiming success, trundle off home.

I suppose it keeps them off the streets as my mother used to say !

Bystander said...

It seems that somebody from a major drugs company has been having some fun at SHAC's expense. For some time SHAC has been holding demos outside of a site they think is an office of said drugs company, in fact they moved out a year ago and the building is empty however they demo there because an individual who used to work at the site told a person he knows is in SHAC that the company was still there but that the staff had been told to keep the blinds closed and ignore the demos.

I understand that there is a book running at the company on how long the demos will continue before SHAC discover they have been had.


As has been said here on SHACWATCH and on a number of other sites the rise of the Far Right in AR events needs to be monitored. This is increasingly relevant as support for SHAC dries up because a small bunch of determined BNP or NF people could easily end up running a SHAC branch. We have already seen the influence of the Steele brothers with regard to the west Yorkshire Animal Rights Group. Activists need to be very wary.

Anonymous said...

Havving been cold shouldered by her local SHAC people for being shall we say "close" to the local police, Loony Lynn Sawyer has gone back to being a pain in the arse with the hunt sabbing crowd. Not wanting to have the unwelcome attention of the police on their activities they did what a number of other AR people have done recently and called the police themselves !

Lynn was promptly arrested and dragged away, everyone wins !

Anonymous said...

Over on the Indylies UK site one of the nutjobs who posts there has taken the time to warn Indy readers about the Southern Poverty Law Centre, this highly respected organisation whose history with regard to issues such as segregation, race relations and social justice is top notch is it seems a group to be 'wary' of. The reason ? The SPLC regards SHAC as a terrorist organisation. Here's news for you SHAC, so do the majority of people and once progressive left of centre political groups with impeccable credentials start to warn others about you it is assured you have drifted far from the pack.

Former SHAC supporter said...

More lies by SHAC

An email sent to a number of SHAC people (and forwarded to this SHACWATCHER by one of them) has mentioned that SHACWATCH looks at the photos on the SHAC website to see how many people turn up for the demos. The email suggests that photos are no longer used and the report should 'estimate' the number of protestors.

There has been widespread embarrassment for some time at the declining number of protests and the number of protestors turning up to them, clearly some within SHAC think this can be dealt with by lying.

Keep it up SHACWATCH, it seems that you have them on the run.

Medawar said...

What appears to be an RSPCA server,
attempts improper access to one's computer, should one click on the "former shac support" link on the comment above.

Anonymous said...

'Bystander's' comment above about the piss taking by some people at a drugs company in fooling SHAC by getting them to demo at an empty building reminds me of the ALF raid in France late last year when the local farmers sick of attacks by these thugs spread a rumour that mink were being reared in a barn, right on cue four ALF types turned up to "liberate" them only to find a barn full of cows and several burly farm hands who whipped of their masks and filmed the ALF thugs. Information quickly passed to the French police.