Thursday, November 26, 2009

And it goes on.....

Lewis Pogson, an animal rights campaigner, faces a string of charges in connection with the raid of a Lincolnshire farm linked to the well-known research company Huntingdon Life Sciences.

A court was told that equipment used in the raid was later found at his mother's house.

A jury heard how intruders forced their way into a shed at a farm in Normanby by Spital, north of Lincoln, and stole 129 New Zealand White rabbits which were bred specifically for the animal research industry.

Felicity Gerry, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that Lewis Pogson was one of those involved in the raid.

A pair of bolt croppers used in the raid were later found in the garage of his mother's home in Dulwich, south-east London, along with what Miss Gerry described as a burglary kit.

Pogson, 23, of Bush Road, East Peckham, Kent, denies charges of blackmail, criminal damage, theft of rabbits and interfering with a contractual relationship on January 7, 2008.

The trial continues.

Ha ha ha - not long now Lewis....

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Lynn Sawyers Vodka Supplier said...

Although we all understand that Pogson is far from being the sharpest tool in the bag even by his standards this is just incredible. The level of incompetence is simply staggering, equipment taken to his mothers house (first place the police will search), fingerprints left all over equipment used in the raid (ever heard of gloves ?) and incriminating details posted on websites after the raid.

Anybody else who had worked with him in the past must be wondering how safe they are ?

What an utter vegan !