Sunday, November 1, 2009

SHAC snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

SHAC have made a great fuss of how they have defeated Novartis lawyer TLC in his attempts to get further restrictions on the sad crew!

Turns out he needn't have bothered as only 70 people turned up!

Considering this is the SHAC NATIONAL and they are only allowed one demo a year that is a truly pathetic number.

Well done Donal and Debz - you have failed on the same scale as Greg and Nat!

BTW - why isn't there a report on SHAC or Indymedia?

Heres one:


Anonymous said...

SHAC people are trying to pretend that this demo was only a little local one and not a big event even though their own website declared it,

"National Demo 31st October.
This is the big one folks. "

The expectation was for at least 300 people and some within SHAC had even thought that upwards of 500 would turn up, the 60 odd people who made it in the end must is very worrying for SHAC as this is a continuation of their decline in support. The recent revelations about the real financial security and recent contract success of HLS are further fuel for those who claim that SHAC is a failed campaign with rapidly falling support among grass routes animal activists. Perhaps linked is the massive reduction in ALF activity since the SHAC leaders were jailed, something I'm sure the police have noticed as well and further proof, if it were needed, that SHAC and the ALF are one and the same.

The case for animal rights in this country has without doubt been harmed by SHAC with some activists thinking it has been put back a generation. The attempt to "grow" groups like WARN (Western Animal Rights Network) was a clever tactic as they were at one point distant from SHAC but now that individuals understand they are one and the same this attempt at rebuilding too has failed.

Last weeks stories on a number of activist sites showing the links between the Far Right and animal rights groups will have further alianated the rank and file who provide the funding that SHAC/ALF needs.

Indymedia Watch said...

I see that West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group has put out a "We're not Nazis, no honestly we're not" over on Indylies. The curious aspect of this is that some are suggesting that the leader of WYARG is the brother of Robin Steele an individual with Far Right links. After the debacle of the Mathew Gibbons affair it seems there might be even more Far Right involvement in animal rights than was first thought.

Who knows the truth but it is curious that WYARG would put this statement out in the first place.

Anonymous said...

shac have finaly decided to feature this demo on their website, the pictures with the story tell the truth about the all time low numbers for this protest. The police clearly thought there would be more and the true extent of the shac failure can be seen in the empty roads and paths around the facility. The write up by shac tries to spin 70 people as some sort of success but some shac people I have spoken to this morning have confirmed they were very shocked at the low turnout.

Anonymous said...

many shac supporters including myself threw in the towel along time ago , history will show that this 70 no hopers have failed .

Anonymous said...

That's because Debz works for the police.