Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hitler a Vegie?

There is a load of old veggie crap on indylies again regarding HITLER!

For the record - SHACWATCH don't care - Hitler wasn't a member of SHAC thus we have no interest in his diet.

SHAC have enough of their own monsters without importing others!

SHAC - failed and dead - just like adolph.


Medawar said...

Medawar thinks that Hitler would have been appalled by the complete loss of personal liberty envisaged by the ALF's Paul Watson, who would forbid (or destroy) any human community with more than 20,000 people in, and limit the right of reproduction to the most compliant individuals, who would be relentlessly monitored for adherence to the "creed" throughout the child-raising process....

Come to think of it, are we sure that Mr Watson isn't secretly working for "Children's Secretary" Ed Balls?

Ben said...

Interesting development on Indymedia. A piece that tells the truth about animal testing has been put up and a comment by Lynn Sawyer where she tried to rubbish the article has been hidden !

Maybe the tide has turned as far as Indymedia and the SHAC nutters are concerned. A former Indymedia moderator posting on another website commented on how unhappy IMC people were with the daily spamming of the site by various SHAC and AR people. We at the the London Indymedia site banned SHAC posts some time ago and the new Indymedia Northern has done the same recently. Is sanity returning to the activist scene with a general understanding of the need for more important topics ? Thhe article is here for anybody that's interested,

Medawar said...

The cowards have hidden the article, too.

Medawar said...

Right, Medawar doesn't approve of censorship, you can find it here:

until it's up somewhere else, at which point, if someone tells Medawar, he can take it down because he's not really there to host other people's stuff, unless someone with size tens is trying to censor it, in which case it will become prominent.