Friday, November 6, 2009


Those silly tykes in SHAC have been advertising a SHACWATCH meeting down in london.

Is this a desperate attempt to boost the SHAC numbers? - they have taken to adding in the number of cops on their protests - perhaps they want us in their dodgy stats as well.

70 people on a SHAC National !!!!!

Oh Barry - see what they have become - so sad


Anonymous said...

There are some SHAC people who are just all over the place trying to find out details about shacwatch. It was fairly obvious that this Indy post was a set-up but then shac people are not the brightest. There was a later faked post that talked about a "shacwatch steering group" which tells us a lot about the reality of shac, they can't conceive of a simple website that seeks to show up their failure and money making activities.

Keep up the good work shacwatch


At current rate of contribution SHACWATCH would need the GMEX for a meeting!

Anonymous said...

i saw shac doing a stall in croydon last week when well they relise shacwatchers are watching them all the time .

Guy Rocopter said...

Doing a stall in Croyden?? Serious? Couldn't they find somewhere nicer to have a stall than that? I mean Croyden's a dump!