Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AR Myths

This was recently posted on Indylies and then suppressed.

You can read it here:-


It does debunk some more of the SHAC lies - We publish it onky because SHAC want to hide it.

Thanks for highlighting it SHACWATCHERS


Medawar said...

Medawar has put a linkt ot his on his blog, to replace the full text which he had up as an emergency measure.

Ben said...

This hiding sparked a real old debate among some of the Indy mods, the person who did the hiding (Anti-speciesist - used to be called Animal Rep) is loathed by many within the collective for constant spamming of the newswire with demands for centre page features related to SHAC and the like. The backlash against SHAC is growing within Indymedia.

Anonymous said...

This post and the comments to it caused a bigger fuss over at Indylies than might be realised. So desperate are the SHAC supporters to see it hidden that an admin has removed it even from the Hidden section of Indymedia just to be 100% sure that nobody can see it.

Here is the original post with all the comments that were hidden as well.

What is also interesting is how at first the demented white wine inspired ravings of Lynn Sawyer were hidden but later allowed to remain when SHAC friendly admins got involved.

In recent months the main Indymedia site has seen a massive reduction in both readers and workers following the set up of the London and Northern newswires that are focused on real issues not the increasingly irrelevant nutcase stuff that has been the focus of Indymedia UK. The fact that both London and Northern have banned SHAC posts has not gone unoticed by many.

Anonymous said...

Why have these people been ommitted?Are they SHACWATCH?
They've all been on SHAC demos.

Kerry Duggan
Tracey Northern
Miranda Panda
Chris Smith
etc etc

Anonymous said...

The question being asked in Yorkshire right now (hidden on Indylies)

Is Robin Steele still a Fascist

Is Luke Steele happy with his brothers political activity ?

Are both brothers police grasses or is it just one of them ?

Activists in AR circles around the area are wondering why the local police are so well informed about their activities.

This Shacwatcher is aware of the police funds that are available for those who pass on significant information, how many others are I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Informers :

Brendan McNally
Kerry Duggan
Debz [grown up name for a granny!] i.e. Deborah Scicluna
Alan Buttle [c'mon you get EVERYWHERE!]
Tracey Northern
on and on

In other words all the people who NEVER get any shit, from anyone anywhere.

Question : How did SHAC run for ten whole years?

Question : Who grassed on Mel?

What's happeneing with SPEAK?

How come the APP have so much money and do fuck all for the animals in reality?

As for Loons, when will Keith Mann stop spouting David Icke at impressionable tennagers?

Anonymous said...

Indymad pass on all Indy post IDs and IPS adresses to Brendan the APP and Debz etc.

Question : Is it ethical for the City Police to give Debz polie camera equipment to her son Ben for his UNi photography project?

Corruption all thriough AR....and no one gives a flyin g fuakc for the animals or findiong scientific alternatives that actually work.

Wearing red and black and waving aplacard does not an activist make.

When the shit REALLY hits the fan most of you run for the hills.

Selfish cowards : London Animal Rights and SHAC.

Anonymous said...

They KNEW that they had BNP / NF and EDL in their ranks.

When people in their ranks need help they don't get any.

Ten years, a million quid and HLS is still open? Are we supposed to believe that SPEAK and SHAC and LAR spend all that money on leaflets? Bollocks.

Who pays for Brendan's nice big house in Croydon? SHAC does, that's who or should I say the people who stood on satlls and donated cash.

Shame on you SHAC and Brendan and Hannah. {He's fucking Kerry by the way...!]


There is a full moon in SHACLAND!

Anonymous said...

If Debz is SHAC then how does she explain her oh so close relationship with demented nutcase from the Camden Sanity Brigade Josie Rutherford?

Anonymous said...

full moon over camden more likely.everyone knows who does both the animal infriltrators and keep the fascists out of animal rights sites.a billy-no-mates who heather from shac told everyone to avoid and uses psudonames and answers her own postings on indymedia.she accuses everyone of being informermers,police,pharma,mi5. but who pays for all her tatoos?

Anonymous said...

Kerry Duggan
Animal Protection Party...you're all shacwatchers.

Brendan can be added to the list.