Saturday, November 21, 2009

SHAC fail in Bradford

In the end this demo despite a massive effort fielded about 10 rather sad, lonely looking individuals who hung around for a while outside the IPI building where medical research takes place before presumably boredom took over and they shuffled off to the main Richmond Building which is the admin part of the campus. Mark Cleary, the vice chancellor went and had a chat with them for a couple of minutes out of curiosity and after that the group drifted off.

Most students were somewhat bewildered by the display with the majority thinking it was a CND demo that had been advertised for the same day.

I assume they will be posting a report to the usual AR sites as well as Indymedia claiming success, hundreds in attendance, people inspired, blah blah blah in the standard SHAC manner.

Thanks for the reports SHACWATCHERS


Anonymous said...

Very worrying for SHAC and their fellow travellers when students, previously the most militant part of society, are rejecting their message. Perhaps the biggest change in the whole debate surrounding animal rights has been how in the past groups like SHAC were simply accepted at face value and their so called 'facts' simply believed. Today's students however are probably more politicaly aware than any in history and in the same way that Socialism has been rejected by students the lies of SHAC are being rejected as well.

Modern technology in particular the Internet allows an individual to quickly check information and decide as to its accuracy, this has been an enourmous challenge for SHAC because their emotive message fails when subjected to scrutiny. Once again education, access to information and an enlightened population undermines fringe organisations.

Midlands shacwatcher said...

Compare this with one of SHAC's latest targets, ICS of Birmingham. Protests outside this industrial supplier to HLS got off rather badly when SHAC protested the wrong ICS (ahem !) however the crack SHAC intelligence team (LOL!) soon got its self sorted out and pulled together the massive turnout that only SHAC can with ..........

two people !

What a couple of vegans !

Anonymous said...

Robin and Luke Steele both feature in West Yorks Animal Rights Group that organised this demo.

One of them has strong Far Right links, the other is thought by many to be a long term police informer. Activist need to avoid them like the plague.


Anonymous said...

Some responses over on Indymedia UK show how many others now view shac and WYARG.

Quotes include:

"Successful? Nice spin you try to put on it. Far from successful it was a handful of people rightfully attracting passing laughter. You make it out as though students don't know of vivisection? What a silly comment to make, the vast majority of us are aware and it's certainly no secret. The lecturers display their research on their personal pages on the Bradford Uni website."

"12 campaigners, is that all you can muster? How shameful. Top Shop could get 100 times that just by advertising a sale. Shows how much support you actually have. "

"No point writing anything to die hards on Indymedia, they like to delude themselves into thinking that they're winning. They failed to prevent the Oxford lab being built and instead had one of their maniac leaders Mel rightfully put behind bars for firebombing, they failed in their recent protest at Highgate (the turn out was a joke), they've failed to stop an increase in use of lab animals, they failed on their recent outing to Horsham, many of them are rightfully behind bars for committing criminal damage and blackmailing people, and more of them will be following their buddies in the coming months and years. These people are lucky if they ever attract more than 300 people on a demo"

"You wont find anyone but juvenile law breakers in the animal rights movement. The vast majority of people see the fallacy of AR when they come to realise that humans evolved to be omnivores not vegans. But don't let the fact that there are no natural sources of B12 for vegans in their diet get in the way of your hypocrisy."

Antifa said...

Looks like other AR people in the Yorkshire area of the UK are aware of the links to the Fash that exist.